MSI Won one of Top 100 Taiwan Brands
Distinguished among 500 brands

Type: MSI News
Latest Update: Thu, 28 Jul 2011

Taipei—To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of China as it shares the spirit and culture of Taiwan brand names, the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Bureau of Foreign Trade organized its first "Top 100 Taiwan Brands" activity to serve as a milestone for the development of Taiwan industries and to launch a new era for the development of Taiwan brands. The event received warm support and responses from all quarters with nearly 500 firms signing up to take part in the competition. After seven months of careful consideration, judges selected the winners of the Top 100 Taiwan Brands competition, announcing the results today (26 July). Standing out from the crowd, MSI, along with TSMC, HTC, and Acer, was named one of the Top 100 Taiwan Brands. A number of prominent individuals, including Executive Yuan Premier Wu Den-yih, Minister of Economic Affairs Yen-Shiang Shih, and TAITRA Chairman Wang Chih-Kang, were present at the awards ceremony to express their congratulations to award recipients. 

MSI brand value recognized
The Top 100 Taiwan Brands' selection criteria are quite rigorous and include a first "screening" stage and a second "evaluation" stage. During the first stage, judges consider primarily financial status, industry position, brand management, and brand achievements. The second stage is a very rigid process with finalists appraising each other, business and consumer surveys, and interviews with leaders of opinion. MSI Marketing Manager Samuel Chang explains, "MSI recently received the Gold Award, the highest of the Taiwan Excellence Awards. The winning of a Top 100 Taiwan Brands award this year further affirms the MSI brand name as a standard toward which other firms strive. Not only does the award represent a nod from business, government, and academics alike, it also underscores the extent to which consumers enjoy and trust MSI products. Most importantly, it serves to affirm the hard work MSI has put into brand management and the heights of its resultant achievements. 

Leading technology the driving force in brand management
Since its establishment 25 years ago, MSI has remained a leader in technology, boasting a defect-free rate of 99.6% due to the stringent quality control measures that accompany its production process, far exceeding the industry average. To enhance its competitiveness, MSI began managing its own brand name and has continued to expand its ambition in terms of product R&D, developing motherboards, graphics cards, and servers as well as industrial-use, all-in-one, and laptop computers. In recent years, it has further focused its R&D capabilities in such cutting-edge technologies as robotics, cloud computing, and vehicle data systems. MSI is a long-time leader in technology and because its insistence on innovation and differentiation in brand strategy has proven effective, its various product lines have won over consumers and members of the media the world over. It ranks among the top three names for motherboards and graphics cards, among the top ten for laptops, and among the top five for all-in-one PCs around the world.

MSI has been building its own brand for a number of years and a number of its products enjoy large shares in their perspective markets worldwide. It has also received awards from around the world, including Taiwan's Excellence Award, Japan's G-Mark Design Award, and Germany's iF Products Design Award. In line with its brand spirit, best described by its motto "Innovation with Style," MSI continues to insist on innovative design, while focusing on the development of new technologies as it strives to provide consumers with user-friendly products that can become important parts of their lives.