MSI Intel 8 Series Motherboards Fully Support Next Generation Processors
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Latest Update: Tue, 18 Feb 2014

MSI, world leader in motherboards, announces support for the, soon to be revealed, next generation Intel CPUs for all MSI motherboards sporting Intel 8 series chipsets. Saving MSI motherboard owners a lot of time and work, users can install the new Intel CPU with updating latest BIOS and start enjoying next generation performance straight away.

Multimedia user, Gamer or Overclocker, MSI 8 series motherboards offer unmatched performance.
Inheriting years of building the best motherboards and closely working with world’s best gamers, MSI has introduced the popular "GAMING" series. Collecting over 200 awards from worldwide media, equipped with the best audio solution called Audio Boost, Killer networking and other key gaming features, MSI GAMING series has set a new standard for gamers seeking the best performing motherboards.

For overclocking enthusiasts, MSI continued using the design standards which have passed the OC certified tests, creating the all new "Overclocking" series. This series made an incredible debut by setting the CPU frequency World Record at 7.14GHz and is used by top overclockers around the world relying on nothing but the best.

MSI uses award-winning Military Class 4 components. Military Class 4 is the next step in high quality components. Hi-C CAPs, Solid CAPs, Dark CAPs, together with SFC and Dark Chokes, ensure your PC runs stable under extreme conditions. These key components have all passed military testing ensuring stable operation in the harshest environments. The core of Military Class 4 is based on the essential elements which increase your stability in the worst conditions, featuring humidity protection, high temperature protection, EMI protection and ESD protection.

In addition, MSI 8 series motherboards are also equipped with many exclusive new technologies, including the one-second overclocking OC Genie 4, the world's first graphical controlled interface Click BIOS 4 and the Command Center software that combines features such as monitoring, tuning and controlling of your hardware. The unprecedented level of flexibility and control offered in MSI’s unique hard- and software design puts you in the driving seat of your motherboards configuration.

MSI 8 series motherboards and latest model list as the following table:

Marketing Name BIOS Ver Marketing Name BIOS Ver
Z87 XPOWER E7811IMS.150 B85-G43 E7816IMS.370
Z87 MPOWER MAX AC E7815IMS.170 B85-G41 PC Mate E7850IMS.250
Z87 MPOWER MAX E7815IMS.170 B85M-G43 E7823IMS.360
Z87 MPOWER AC E7818IMS.170 B85M-E45 E7817IMS.A40
Z87 MPOWER E7818IMS.170 B85MA-E43 DASH E7830IMS.140
Z87 MPOWER SP E7818IMS.180 B85M-E43 DASH E7830IMS.150
Z87-GD65 GAMING E7845IMS.190 B85M-E35 E7846IMS.J20
Z87-G45 GAMING E7821IMS.170 B85M-E33 V2 E7846IMS.D20
Z87-G43 GAMING E7816IMS.A40 B85M-E33 E7817IMS.350
H87-G43 GAMING E7816IMS.B40 B85M-P33 V2 E7846IMS.C30
B85-G43 GAMING E7816IMS.C40 B85M-P33 E7817IMS.460
Z87M GAMING E7866IMS.120 B85M-P32 E7846IMS.240
Z87I GAMING AC E7887IMS.100 B85I E7851IMS.340
Z87-G55 E7821IMS.A50 H81-P33 E7820IMS.120
Z87-G43 E7816IMS.170 H81M-P33 E7817IMS.140
Z87-G41 PC Mate E7850IMS.160 H81M-P33 V2 E7846IMS.A30
Z87M-G43 E7823IMS.260 H81M-P32L E7846IMS.160
Z87I AC E7851IMS.160 H81M-P32 E7846IMS.160
Z87I E7851IMS.160 H81M-E35 V2 E7817IMS.M10
H87-G43 E7816IMS.270 H81M-E35 E7846IMS.I30
H87-G41 PC Mate E7850IMS.360 H81M-E34 E7817IMS.H10
H87M-G43 E7823IMS.150 H81M-E33 V2 E7846IMS.B30
H87M-P33 E7817IMS.250 H81M-E33 E7817IMS.640
H87M-P32 E7846IMS.340 H81M-E32 E7846IMS.M10
H87M-E35 E7846IMS.H30 H81I E7851IMS.A30
H87M-E33 E7817IMS.560 H81TI E7799IMS.A10
H87I AC E7851IMS.250 H87I E7851IMS.250
B85I GAMING E7887IMS.200 Z87I GAMING AC E7887IMS.110
H81M-P35 E7820IMS.A00 CSM-Q87M-E43 E7830IMS.A20