June 10, 2015 Useless Gamer: The Witcher 3 Hot game titles are coming thick and thin, and the latest big one is The Witcher 3. As you might’ve heard, it’s a title that has undergone the NVIDIA Gameworks treatment and should therefore be a perfect match for [...]
May 29, 2015 Useless Gamer: Wolfenstein The Old Blood Wolfenstein: The New Order was one of last year’s dark horses gaming-wise, and went on to be one of the best games of the year. This year, they’ve followed it up with the prequel “The Old Blood”, and [...]
May 29, 2015 Useless Gamer: Project CARS Project CARS is without a doubt the most anticipated racing simulator of 2015. The abbreviation stands for “Community Assisted Racing Simulator”, and in the months before launch the publisher has released tasty-looking teaser videos that makes one thing clear – the graphics, [...]
May 26, 2015 MSI Pro Talk #1: Pro Dota 2 Caster TobiWan Recap - Part 2 We are back with the second part of the first episode of MSI Pro Talk with Soe 'Soembie' Gschwind and Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson. We left off the first part with the pair discussing what a typical day looks like for [...]
May 26, 2015 MSI Pro Talk #1: Pro Dota 2 Caster TobiWan Recap - Part 1 Gaming is a big part of our lives here at MSI, and we wanted to share our passion for all things gaming and hardware with you, the fans. As a result, we began a new series called 'MSI Pro Talk' [...]
May 20, 2015 MOD Pro Insider:BALAZS SZABO A.K.A BALUC MODDER What is Modding? Modding is the modification of a computer case or a video game console chassis. Modifying a computer case in any non-standard way is considered a case mod. Modding is done, particularly by hardware enthusiasts, to show off [...]
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