October 15, 2018 MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE gets the fastest WiFi module with Killer! Meg z390 godlike delivers incredible networking performance there is no other motherboard coming to market that is generating more excitement than msi's meg z390 godlike motherboard. it is packed full of incredible hardware and features that gamers and consumers will [...]
October 11, 2018 Introduces New Z390 Motherboards Lineup: MEG, MPG and MAG Series Introduces new z390 motherboards lineup: meg, mpg and mag series the newest, long-awaited chipset from intel z390 is now here and it is as powerful and feature-rich as expected! it is sure to enthuse gamers, streamers, and other professionals – making [...]
October 11, 2018 What is the best streaming software to use in 2018? N one of our more recent blogs, you may have seen a comprehensive description of streaming hardware as well as methods of using hardware. once you have decided on your hardware, however, you have to decide on what streaming software [...]
October 05, 2018 The Advanced 3D Sound Technology - Nahimic 3 Introduction After successful years of partnership, msi and nahimic are delighted to pursue the cooperation. for the new generation of gaming laptops, it's pleased to designed together with msi's engineer and bring the new nahimic 3 to the market. nahimic 3 is the [...]
September 21, 2018 How to build a mini-ITX streaming PC? - B450I GAMING PLUS AC A mini-itx streaming pc wasn't a viable option up until a few years back. however, with faster, more powerful processors and a plethora of great hardware options in the market today, it’s all about picking the right components for [...]
September 12, 2018 Australian fashion magazine Frankie with MSI creator laptops Learn about the creativity of professional illustrator penny ferguson, and what she's working on now with her msi prestige series creator laptops.   penny 'min pin' ferguson makes weird things for happy people illustrator penny ferguson moved to the dandenong ranges [...]
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