Prestige P100
Prestige P100
Prestige P100A
Prestige P100A

“Hide & Seek” is not only a children’s game but also the design concept of MSI Prestige P100.

Instead of making a “PC” only, we’d like to be part of creators’ life with a stylish, luxury & aesthetic design which was born to unleash creators’ originality and unlimited creative vision.


Your Creativity Center

Compact Dimensionn Great Ideas

Prestige P100A
Prestige P100A

This Is What You Were After
The Power to Unleash Your Unlimited Creative Vision

The latest 9th Gen Intel® Core i9 processor makes creativity run faster than ever. Designed for multitasking and pro-level processing jobs, Prestige P100A gives you more time to show your life style & shape the world with inspirations & develop your next great idea.

*i9 processor is optional. The performance is compared to 8th Gen i7-8700K processor.
  • Up to 9th Gen
  • Core i9-9900
  • 8 Cores
  • 16 Thread
Unlock 30% of your time to create & render this mysterious world.

Create with RTX On
Nothing Holds Your Back Now

RTX Studio high-performance Prestige P100 contain the world’s most powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs, precision engineered into the Prestige P100. Designed and tested specifically for creative workflows. Now, you can create your best work—fast. RTX On.


Create with Acceleration,
Precision and Detail

MSI GeForce RTX graphics accelerate the rendering tasks & work in real-time with your 3D applications and animations.

With its amazing power, Prestige P100A perfectly drive multiple ultra-high-resolution displays, photo and video editing, CAD workflows for architecture, engineering and manufacturing as well as media and entertainment.


Workflow Accelerated

Experience the fastest photo and video editing & the smoothest visual computing, real-time simulation and realistic 3D modeling.

  • Up to
    Dual Channel DDR4
  • Up to
    M.2 SSD slot x 2
  • Up to
    2.5” HDD slot x 2

Effortlessly Upgrade Your Creation Tools

Thumbscrews for your option

Make sure you can efficiently create with the latest hardware.

creator center

Creator Center

The Creator Center takes optimization to the next level with easily adjustable system modes; it helps to prioritize & allocate the resource on your hand to accelerate the performance of those software which you work with everyday.


Creator OSD

Color accuracy & color gamut is critical while creating.
The MSI Creator OSD won’t disappoint you with the most intuitive design.

The Creator OSD takes optimization to the next level with easily adjustable color modes; it helps to find the most proper & accurate color gamut to you while creating everyday.

See every detail with MSI Prestige Series Monitor and enjoy the benefits of Creator OSD to make every detail as vivid as you want.

5K means New Standard for Creators & Multi-taskers
FHD (1920 x 1080)
5K2K (5120 x 2160)

Professional Sound Quality


Only the Purest Sound Quality Accepted

Powered by Audio Boost
Dedicated High Definition Audio Processor


We are creators!

Create to Revive Your Moment

Prestige P100A Prestige PS341WU Prestige P100A
We are creators!
  • Windows 10 Home - MSI recommends Windows 10 Pro for business
  • Up to the 9th generation Intel® Core™ i9 processors
  • The latest MSI GeForce® RTX Graphics Card
  • Dual Channel Memory with DDR4 Boost Technology: provide the most smooth & fastest real-time previews
  • Support 2x M.2 PCI-e SSD with 2x2.5" SATA Mass Storage
  • Support 5K2K Creating Experience
  • Professional Sound Quality Powered by Audio Boost
  • Easy to Upgrade Design
  • 10.36 liters in size, the most compact desktop PC for creators