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REPELTEK™ FABRIC Series Gaming Chair

Kid & Pet Friendly

The MAG CH130 I REPELTEK FABRIC, emphasizing durability and comfortability, is a scratch-resistant gaming chair. The MSI REPELTEK™ FABRIC series gaming chair features with the patent-pending* gaming chair with functional surface layer and manufacturing method of functional surface layer, which is water-resistance and scratch-resistant, allowing you to enjoy the chair around your pets with the ultimate peace of mind. Its frame is also extremely stable and its ergonomically streamlined outline can loosen up your body pressure completely. Whether you're in a game or at work, it's a great choice for you.
*PCT Pat. App No. PCT/CN2021/099671

Water Resistance

The REPELTEK™ FABRIC Series has efficient water repellent properties, making it the perfect chair in the cases of water spills.

Soft Touch

Its unparalleled softness gives you the maximum comfort you need for long hours of gaming sessions.


Stay cool and refreshed throughout the year even during long hours of gaming sessions.

Scratch Resistance

Thanks to its special weaving technique, it is not only delicate to touch but also resists damages from scratching effectively.

Abrasion Resistance

The surface resists being worn away by rubbing or friction, giving it a greater life expectancy.

Easy To Clean

The REPELTEK™ FABRIC Series is effortless to clean and does not leave any stains behind afterward.

Pilling Resistance

Its compact structure of fabric avoids pilling on the surface of the fabric.

gaming chair gaming chair gaming chair gaming chair gaming chair gaming chair

unparalleled comfort

Built with the concept based on race car seats and featuring a streamline that brings a high-speed feeling, the MAG CH130 I REPELTEK FABRIC's design is conformed to how the spine curves. It promises support for long gaming hours. The slight tilt design at the top offers even better support for your head.

Taking care of you from head to toe

For better comfort and support, a curved angle is added at the shoulder with the seat having an extended depth of 57cm.

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Durable and reliable

The frame is made with high hardness steel for stronger support.

gaming chair

Your best support when you are tired

The MAG CH130 I REPELTEK FABRIC allows users to relax and recline the backrest for up to 150 degrees with an additional maximum of 15 degrees tilt.

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Every detail matters

The MAG CH130 I REPELTEK FABRIC features several capable features and reliable materials. The class 4 gas lift pistons provide increased safety while the adjustable headrest and lumbar cushion provide supreme comfort. The 60mm PU scratch-resistant wheels are extremely durable. and the one-piece five-star steel base has a weight capacity of 150kg.

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gaming chair
gaming chair
gaming chair
180° tabPage backrest
  • 165-185 cm
  • Recommended Height
  • 150 kg
  • Max Weight
  • A: Seat Height45.5-53.5 cm
  • B: Seat Depth57 cm
  • C: Backrest Height87 cm
  • D: Arm Height 77.6-84.6 cm
  • E: Seat Width52 cm
  • F: Backrest Width57 cm
  • 5'5"~6'1"
  • Recommended Height
  • 330 Ibs
  • Max Weight
  • A: Seat Height17.9-21.1”
  • B: Seat Depth22.4”
  • C: Backrest Height34.3”
  • D: Arm Height 30.6-33.3”
  • E: Seat Width20.5”
  • F: Backrest Width22.4”
  • REPELTEK™ Fabric gaming chair
  • Ergonomic seating design
  • Racing style profile with deep seat & padded wings
  • Recline & Tilt up to 165°
  • Complete steel frame support
  • High density integrated foam
  • Adjustable neck & lumbar support cusions