• Ergonomic Designed Keycaps
  • Rainbow Lighting Effect
  • Hotkeys for Rapid Control (Multimedia/Brightness)
  • Water Repellent
  • Gaming Base Rubber Feet
  • Anti-Ghosting
msi gk20 gaming keyboard design
msi gk20 slogan and featue icons


The ergonomic design with concaved shaped keycaps enable a more comfortable typing and gaming experience.

 msi gk20 gaming keyboard keycaps


The rainbow effect of GK20 is here to stay as static multi-color display, which can be controlled dimming or turned off.

 msi gk20 gaming keyboard keycaps

Colorful light to show

Want to show up your keyboard with color effect? Check it out!

msi gk 20

hotkeys for rapid control

Take control of your GK20 with hotkeys, easily enable access to adjust backlight brightness, media and volume controls without installing software.

msi gk20 gaming keyboard design

control backlight and media hotkeys

  • Switch Modes
  • Brightness(+/-)
  • Previous / Next Track
  • Play / Pause Track /Stop Track
  • Mute

WATER repellent

The water repellent keyboard design makes GK20 more durable and easy to clean.

water icon
gk20 waterkeyboard
  • Do not immerse the keyboard in water or any liquid.
  • Water Repellent: Test under limited conditions (maximum 60 ml of liquid splash), excluding number keypads and indicator on upper-right corner.
  • Splash-Proof Drain Hole Design: It allows accidentally spilled liquid to be discharged as fast as possible, which would help to reduce possibility of keyboard damage.

gaming base rubber feet

Rubber feet increased keyboard’s stability, provide a firm platform, and allow you to stand on ground stably in the battle.

msi gk20 gaming keyboard design


Enjoy 12-key anti-ghosting (QWERASDFZXCV) on GK20 keyboard for absolute control in games.

msi gk20 gaming keyboard design


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