• Excellent choice for both gaming and regular use
  • N-Key rollover and Windows key lock for smooth gaming experience
  • Cherry MX Red switches backed with aluminum construction
  • Fine-tune detailed settings with Gaming Center
  • Exclusive Gaming Base provides incredible feedback and anti-slip performance
  • Clever cable management design

Close Your Eyes and Feel the Difference

Preset 4x luxury metal keycaps, providing excellent feedback and less chance to press mistakenly during gaming sessions. Extra keycaps included in the retail box are suitable for regular office use.

Intuitive Hotkeys for Effects Control

Adjust effects like speed, direction, and modes switching directly from hotkeys with ease. Over 100 effect combinations that you can choose to fit your playstyle.

GK60 cherry
Switch modes
Fn+ Ins
Fn+ Del
Speed (+/-)
Fn+ Home (+)
Fn+ End (-)
Shadow speed (+/-)
(Fade off speed)
Fn+ Page up (+)
Fn+ Page down (-)

Make Every Keypress Count

100% anti-ghosting with N-Key rollover technology (Gaming mode) and extremely rapid response ensure that you always dominate the battlefield.
*Press Fn+ Windows key to switch to Gaming mode.

Being Stylish is Gamers’ Nature

Adjust setting with 7 effects to show your taste of game. Fully customize your gear via MSI Gaming Center.


*Vigor GK60 does not support RGB as it has single color LED backlighting

Never Move An Inch

The extremely steady Gaming Base right under the space bar provides incredible feedback and up to 25% better anti-slip performance while typing.

GK60 cherry

No More Messy Desk

Clever cable management for a tangle-free desk. Smart design allows you to store extra cables under the keyboard.

Classic and Unsurpassable Comfort

The most popular, durable Cherry MX Red switches provide excellent feedback and most comfortable typing experience.

GK60 cherry
Cherry MX Red
Operation Style
Actuation Force
Audio Feedback
Recommended for Gamers Who Prefer
Quick Responsiveness
Keystroke Life
50+ Million


  1. All images and descriptions are for illustrative purposes only. Product specification, function, and appearance may vary based on different GPU. For detailed specifications, please consult the product specifications page.