Your imagination,
amped up with MSI AI Artist

Generate images directly on your MSI products with MSI AI Artist. You can create rich images with shorter prompts and generate words within images. Create and inspire at a whole new level.

MSI AI Artist

MSI Stealth 18 AI Studio A1V




Exclusive TensorRT Acceleration

Automatic-layered PSD for creators

Compatible with open-source models & LoRA


Step into the era of AI with MSI's AI Artist, streamlining the user interface and enhancing the generation process. Installation takes about 2 hours, requiring a continuous internet connection, with the duration varying based on regional network conditions. Below are the hardware prerequisites:

  • Processor

    13th Gen Intel Processor or newer

  • Graphics Card

    NVIDIA RTX 4050 or above

  • Graphics Card Driver

    Version 528.xx or later

  • System Memory

    16GB or more



PyTorch / xformers computes image generation using NVIDIA CUDA core TensorRT computes image generation using NVIDIA Tensor cores with MSI’s optimization.


Download pre-trained stylization models exclusively compatible with PyTorch and XFormers from the open-source website and import them for use.


Access pre-trained LoRa models from the open-source website and import them for your use.


Number of computation iterations affects the level of detail in the generated image


Difference between generated and reference images


Accurate and comprehensive prompts result in images closer to the desired output

Open saved folder

Import as reference image

Generate layered PSD