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Why do you need a 1000R curved monitor?

Immersing yourself in the games you play or the shows and movies you watch is tough when the real world constantly interferes with what you see on a screen.

A 1000R curved monitor matches the natural curvature of your field of view - wrapping itself around you to shatter the boundaries separating reality from virtual worlds for an unadulterated immersive experience.

What is a 1000R Curved Monitor?

The number before 'R' denotes a curve's radius. Hence, a 1000R curved monitor refers to a monitor that features a curve with a 1 meter radius. It's considered the most natural curve because it closely resembles the curvature of the human field of vision.

Flat Monitor

1800R Curved Monitor

1500R Curved Monitor

1000R Curved Monitor



Eye comfort


Why should you choose MSI's 1000R curved monitor?

Gaming OSD

Optix Scope

Smart Crosshair

While a 1000R curved monitor facilitates immersion like never before, MSI makes your gaming experience even more fun with nifty features to elevate your gaming experience even further.

MSI Gaming OSD allows you to tweak your gaming experience to your liking with a rich, easy-to-use interface. Technologies like MSI Optix Scope (built-in aim magnifier) and Smart Crosshair help you locate enemies wherever they’re hiding, so you can take them out without missing a beat.

Care of your eyes

1000R Curvature

TUV Certified

Eye Care

MSI teamed up with the University of Bradford to study the effects of digital eye strain and how to minimize them. The study had participants game on a 1000R and 1800R curved monitor while researchers observed them.

Could a 1000R curved monitor help extend those gaming sessions?

Yes. Participants unequivocally reported a more immersive and comfortable gaming experience when playing on the 1000R curved monitor, compared to the 1800R curved screen.
“If a curved screen means I won’t stop playing, that can be only a good thing.”
Have a more immersive experience


21:9 UWQHD

AMD FreeSync

1ms Response Time

Far Cry® 6 & © 2021 Ubisoft Entertainment.
Game bundle license by Software Symbiosis Pte Ltd.

The all-new 1000R curved display helps blur the boundary between your game world and reality by wrapping itself perfectly within your field of view. AMD FreeSync Premium, high refresh rates, and a 1ms Response Time further enhance immersion by enabling fluid gameplay that will have you breezing through even the most fast-paced shooters like a pro.

Wide Color Gamut

HDR 400

Frameless design

A 1000R curve makes a relatively larger display more ergonomic by bringing everything within your natural field of view. Use an expansive screen, without compromises.

Add to this a wide color gamut, ultra-thin bezels, and HDR400, and you’ve got a monitor that faciliates an unmatched cinematic viewing experience whether you’re watching the latest shows on Netflix or streaming the latest movies.


Find the best solution for yourself

MSI offers 1000R curved monitors with sizes ranging from as small as 24 inches to as large as 34 inches!

No matter how large or small your room is, you’ll find the perfect MSI ARTYMIS monitor to complement your setup. If you're wondering what size is the best or at roughly what distance you should use each one, head on to our article.
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