MSI Dropbox Offer

MSI Dropbox Offer


Enhance your storage and productivity with

With the purchase of an eligible MSI product, try 100GB of Dropbox storage free for 90 days

Promotional Period: 2023/11/29~2026/12/31


Which MSI products are eligible for the promotion?

MSI consumer products including Motherboards, Desktops, Monitors, Graphics cards, SSD, Keyboard and Mouse, some of the products e.g. Liquid Cooler, Power Supply Units, Chassis, Router, Earphone, will be ready soon, please stay tuned.

Which regions are eligible for the promotion?

The Offer will be available to users globally with the exception of “Excluded Countries” are China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or the region of Crimea, and any other countries where the Dropbox Service is prohibited by law, more information please see Dropbox’s website at

Can I get the same subscription multiple times if I purchase multiple eligible designated models for the promotional campaign?

No, each free trial is dependent on the Dropbox account and MSI product. Each Dropbox account can only have one opportunity to use a 100GB three-month free trial even you purchased multiple MSI products.

If I'm already subscribed to Dropbox, am I still eligible to participate in this promotional offer?

Yes. If you have already subscribed Dropbox in advance, your subscription will extend for three-month and 100GB after finished redemption from MSI.

Am I still eligible to participate in this promotional offer if I am already subscribed to Dropbox?

No, you don‘t need to create a new account. You could still use your existing account to enjoy the 100GB three-month complimentary trial.

What happens when the three-month subscription ends?

When the three-month complimentary trial ends, payment for subscription is required to proceed with the access. We will not delete user's over quota files but, their sync functionality is suspended.

Who can I contact if I encounter any problems when claiming the offer?

Please contact with MSI Support.

Where may I have support when encountering issues related to Dropbox apps?

Please contact with Dropbox customer service: