The Excitement of the Timeless Connection

Tech gives people more powerful instruments to design. Great artists were using canvas, paper, and brushes. Now, we create art by using smart devices. Tech is a mix of aesthetics and the future. The aesthetic is a mix of tech and the future. In this conceptual drawing : Recreating part of a Baroque oil on canvas painting by using a digital pen and a screen is a way of combining aesthetics and technology. Detailing the frame of the painting by adding dragon figures and a shield to unite with the brand. These figures also support the idea of the connection between the aesthetic and tech in our minds. There is a robotic hand that reaches from the future and takes the heart with flames from a human hand. The heart is still alive. That means the future technology takes valuable parts from the timeless aesthetic elements. While the exchange is issuing a powerful flash and lightning occur. These details outline the great relation between aesthetics and the future. Also the excitement of it

The bubble meets MSI

Keep up with the latest technological advances!

Tech meets asthetic

A drawing by my 10 year old sister.

Change of time

Since the Renaissance, there have been many inventors and artists who created various works into technology.Some are still prototypes and have been developed until now.The value of beauty is changing with the times as well.

Flower can't be hacked.

Art on blockchain technology protect owner license.

Without Borders

It has become commonplace for us that we live in a time when in one second you can move to any era, read any classic work of literature or enjoy the works of Renaissance artists. But if you think about it, it's amazing! We can feel ourselves and become anything we want. MSI technology meets aesthetics and technology.


A production that combines these moments everywhere from design to software, from tournaments to my house.

new future

Based o game 'Horizon' it is a depiction of how tech and nature can co exist in perfect harmony


In this day and age we have so much data that goes through us that it seems it is causing an explosion.

man in vr

the pinnacle of tech is the virtual reality which shrinks the borders between what can be done and what cannot be done.

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