Art meets Creation

I wanted to remake "The Creation of Adam" and reverse it to humans creating art. I thought it would be a very interesting way to represent how art and technology have evolved over time. I hope you guys enjoy my submission!

keep me clean || MSI creator awards 2021

Think clean and go green, Go green keep this world clean

Inner Dragon Awakes

I was trying to reimage a dragon, but in a human form that lives in a dark, grim and futuristic world where only technologies and power of soul are left. It was really challenging and exciting for me and my old friend (msi laptop) to make a printable A3 poster. Thanks for the opportunity.

Syndics of Technology

Syndics of Technology represents the theme of the competition, "Tech meets Aesthetic" by combining a 1662 painting by Rembrandt with the latest Laptop by MSI. With permission of the Rijksmuseum, I downloaded the original painting, Syndics of the Drapers' Guild and got creative. The original painting showcases this group of men who were responsible for ensuring top quality clothing for their guild. I chose to modify this painting and change the narrative into one that ensures the top quality of technology that MSI offers. While combining the newest technology offered by MSI with the aesthetics of a seventeenth century Dutch painting I have shown how "Tech Meets Aesthetic".

Reach for the Future

I wanted to blend elements of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and futuristic themes. It was meant to blend touches of the past with theories of the future.

Against the Covid-19 virus.

People in the world have to be vaccinated against the Covid-19.

Dragon Helado

Un Dragon de Otro Mundo Helado de poder unico

0 and 1 & the INFINITE that lies within.

A moment of fluttering through the world of binaries and serendipitously finding oneself in an experience full of millions of emotions. A new vocabulary just unlocked in the world of 0s and 1s and how. Technology made life easier by making lives livelier. I found a world where me and technology just 'clicked'! :)

Core of MSI

I've had a MSI laptop for seven years.Now it's going to be a robot, reborn!

Dragon De otro Mundo

Dragon de Otro Mundo

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