Geniuses today

I imagined what would happen if great thinkers and artists could create in our time, the time of high technology. I chose the image of Michelangelo and suggested what his workplace might look like on the border of two eras.

Sinhala traditional lotus flower

Sinhala traditional lotus flower using Photoshop

Blurred Movement

Blurred Movement

Elegant Technology

My work in which I describe the meeting of elegant and aesthetic designs with high technology.

The meeting of technology and art

Aesthetically, no adult human can compete with a baby. Pure beauty always wins. On the other hand, a baby is excited to experience new things. Traditional art is also excited to experience the possibilities of technology. MSI'ın teknolojisi, geleneksel sanatın kurallarını farklı bir boyuta taşıyor. We are crossing the limits of all artistic techniques we have from the Renaissance until today with technology. A free and powerful world where we can produce what we have designed in our dreams in infinite ways. As an artist, I am excited like a baby to be able to create new works using the possibilities of technology.


This would be a possible future where technology takes over the world. A world where robots are the dominant species, but without us, the humans, the creators, they are meaningless. Robots have a place in our world but without exceeding the limit, as shown in series like "Black Mirror" or "Love, Death & Robots". For this reason, the image shows the best MSI robot ever created. You can see its worried facial expression because it is in a world where the human species has disappeared. Then, he is disintegrating and transforming in a kind of light dust to finally disappear. Therefore, technology and humans must always go hand in hand and help each other to coexist in a more advanced world.


In my work, I used the minimum number of expressive means to extract the maximum number of meanings.

The Tech "S"

The letter "S"




Overpopulation, destruction of natural resources, global pollution led to the extinction of almost all species of living creatures, as a result of which cybernetic animals were created

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