The Genesis of Innovation & Beauty

This piece shows how tech has brought about beauty and innovation in our environment. The circuits signify the pathway in which this medium is realized. The brain is the genesis, the birthright that brings about innovation in tech and how we choose to express its aesthetic in our daily needs.

mona lisa mirror selfie

modern mona lisa doing mirror selfie

the emperor

msi is the emperor

msi in your mind for ever

msi in your mind for ever

Pink sleeps, neon dreams

My submission is a digital illustration made in Adobe Illustrator. The world is in pink... When technological progress affects every corner of the planet on a molecular level. Transforming all living and non-living things, matter and anti-matter into something else entirely different from the natural.

Mind Simulation

Imagination is an important source to start new innovation. I hope that one day will have some device that can convert people's fantasy to factual environment. The device we can share idea to anyone with just one touch and show theirs aesthetic to the world.

Secret Agent Concept Art

Character design for a hypothetical Scottish secret agent.

MSI was there from the beginning and always will! Zoom for details.

I have used Giovanni Paolo Panini's "Roman Ruins" painting as a foundation. In this work, Giovanni wanted to show how Roman architecture, buildings, and designs are getting demolished for the new era. I have reconstructed the idea to a new era being the "Tech" and "Tech is the new Aesthetic" with adding MSI's mascot Lucky to the work.

Comic Graphic design

I imagined as an artist sitting on my MSI laptop. Time stole me and this became my picture :) After a very long time i drawed this photo and colored on MSI laptop .


This image show how de art and creativity have a place even in a robot world. How a robot have his own interpretation about what is hapening around it, about how is capable to have creativity and how those concepts, creativity and technologi can be only one.

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