Space Centre

This is the futuristic concept. Because now day we researching about outer space, What is possible for living in outer space.


Inspired by pixel density in display technology. At each pixel is the intersection between human intelligence, aesthetics and technology to create a perfect technological world in the future. The dragon symbol represents strength and transformation. People represent aesthetics, and pixel density represents technology. Every idea that passes through a pixel becomes more colorful and vivid than ever. Technology elevates the value of aesthetics , creating a new turning point in the technology industry.

Looking to the future

I draw this about the Scientific Revolution and Renaissance, In my opinion, science should lead people to progress, so I use a very famous picture of humans and God tries to say the Spiritual world of the person, and I use some simple line to perform technology, the pattern of the girl’s dress is another drawing from Renaissance, that means the regeneration of human, I use a girl because I want more focus the power of woman.


Tech X Art : MAGIC When Technology meets Aesthetics, for me, it's more like a magic. Imagine we travel and serve nowadays technology to human in old civilization. What would they think about it? a sorcery, an anomaly, a magic? Now imagine the future civilization visits us, serving the technology they had combined with an artistic execution. What would we think? A ghost? a strange experience? or more likely.. a magic?


life on msi


I want to set out you this Viking-themed poster to MSI.

The Genesis of Innovation & Beauty

This piece shows how tech has brought about beauty and innovation in our environment. The circuits signify the pathway in which this medium is realized. The brain is the genesis, the birthright that brings about innovation in tech and how we choose to express its aesthetic in our daily needs.

Night reverie

Multimedia technology is enhanced day by day. Many fantasy things that people ever imagined can be created and accessed anywhere by outstripped devices and software all day all night.


When one thinks, one moves forward to the future.


Hai my name is Godwin Mathew. This is motion graphics animation video as a submission for MSI Creators Awards 2021 .

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