Verba volant, scripta manent

Spoken words might easily be forgotten, but written words can last forever. Technology meets Aesthetic. There is no more important invention than writing. From that, human civilisation came true and has been developing since thousands of years. Words are the the witness of history. It became a basic, but at the same time the most beautiful way of expressing human thought. Poetry. Illuminated medieval books. Scripting languages. Advertising. Maps. Even words that you are reading right now! Writing is everywhere. It's practical and it's making our lives more meaningful. Writers. Painters. Scholars. Programmers. Politicians. Clergy. Ordinary people. Everyone uses it. Everyone needs it. Is there anything more necessary than writing? Would we be here without it?


When I touch an MSI mouse, I feel the Magic. The Genius of the wonderful lamp, always ready to help me in all my needs. One thousand and one nights of fantasy.

Golden Horn

This is the story of a Taurus friend of mine. She was sad and helpless and resentful of life. I wanted to cheer her up, so I drew this picture for her. I want her to know what a handsome woman she is in my eyes!

Nine Generations

Drifting alone in the universe, no matter who you are, you will be lost. Science has shown that human senses can deceive themselves, are we living in reality? No one knows. All we can do is to keep moving forward until the end, even if it is not true, it does not matter, as long as the process is happy, everything can be accepted! ( For friends who are confused about life. )

Do away with the cruel

Although the idea of treating the world with love is good, but there are good and bad human beings. When faced with good people, we return the favor, but when faced with bad people, we cannot back down. That's right, it's our job to pacify the good and do away with the cruel.

Poste msi GS65 stealth thin 8re

I tried designing a poster for laptop msi GS65 stealth thin 8re the amazing due to its strength, I tried to show this force through lava, and I hope you like this humble design

MSI - Unleash the Dragon within.

With scales a fiery red and dauntingly glowing eyes, this mystical creature perfectly embodies technology, power, and aesthetic. A little something I drew and designed from scratch, and digitized using Adobe Illustrator.


The illustration represents the power that the msi range of computers brings to the professional and creative design flow in the field of graphic design and illustration.

Anti - 「 Virus 」

Now that COVID-19 is raging around the world. Medical personnel should not be the only ones fighting, each of us should imagine ourselves as one of those fighting. At least ,wear a mask to protect ourselves and others.

Embracing Technology

This concept emerges from the fact that there's a whole new world open to us because of technology and us being creators are embracing it's existence.

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