Popular logo characters meet modern tech

Since this year's topic is "Tech meets Aesthetic”, I wanted to capture a symbiosis of both. I enhanced popular brand logos with tech pieces and then animated them to further explore how those two worlds would interact.

A Tale of A Trillion Months

A mysterious time traveler who goes under the code name "KITSU" wanders the streets of the Zhonghe District with his dragon companion. KITSU and his companion are searching for the legendary weapon that is claimed to have unfathomable sharpness and elegance - The Katana GF66. During their journey, the two of them realized that they need to "sharpen their game" and stay vigilant at all times. They also discovered boba tea. "A Tale of A Trillion Months" intended to fuse the cyberpunk aesthetic with the traditional elements of Japanese textile designs. The design of KITSU's suit is inspired by the attire worn by Miko. The dragon is the representation of the MSI logo.


if you're a renaissance man. you are hungry to learn. to visualize - from graphics, you can produce a movie on your own if you combine several fields of expertise. you can master it all. we are limitless. We are entering the neuralink age . the battle of ai. the mind program and data base. its a competition between the wonders of human brain and ai. Evolve or perish.


The Astronaut has landed in the mysterious part of the vast space and sees the breathtaking gigantic creatures of the seas in the outer space which ignites imagination in the eyes of the beholder.

Mondrian Keyboard

The different colour keyboard put together to be a Mondrian's artwork.

Under Water

We just looking into see that under water there is amazing view waiting for us.

The Incomprehensible Future and The Incomprehensible Past.

The Past couldn't Predict the Present we live in today and the today Present can't predict the Future, we are walking forwards. So it was, is and always will be Incomprehensible, Wired, Crazy and just awkward but we just have to advance while growing! Technology is advancement and aesthetic in advancement is always unpredictable and uncontainable.

Flying in lucid dream

The dream of the sci-fi world Of one insect.

Creative Power

As technology advances, more power is available to the creators. This design demonstrates the Anaglyph effect which is an attribute that pertains only to digital art. One was not able to comprehend how such creativity was ever possible using traditional media. When tech meets aesthetics, you have pure power to create.

Animation Toon

I make a animation toon that tell you story of principle that we mostly use. will some cartoon tell you how it work.(with video and sound) Thank you

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