For old times sake

An idea of mixing some retro vibes with modern caricature. Reminder of initial days of editing and creating graphics

Two worlds reaching for each other

2 hands representing the 2 extremes aesthetic and tech. Taking this piece of art and combining it with a technological twist is the way I chose to symbolize first contact between the worlds.

Behind The Scene

I made this graphic design to show how technology meets aesthetic when the artist creates works of art. I wanted to show what goes behind the scenes when making a graphic. For this illustration, I used only the colors from the MSI Creators' Awards website design colors.

Defunct magazine cover

The form factor of the cover is 4x3 cause most of the photo magazines that I saw had this. So I add an info field under the cover to pass the terms. • Thanks for your attention. I hope you enjoyed it.

Server 00

" Welcome to the server00, I'm Zero, the operator of the server. I will take you to adventure the new world that the journey never ends. Something interesting in the new world is waiting for you. Exciting, Pride ,power, happliness or freedom whatever you desire is here. "- Zero

War field

Just an idea . A collaboration of war Field gaming

Nature Beauty

When ever designers see a nature beauty they can see in another dimension.

Fantasy World

Everybody dream about fantasy world in outer space.

Red Moon

Somewhere in galaxy there is a place for devil.

Space Centre

This is the futuristic concept. Because now day we researching about outer space, What is possible for living in outer space.

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