techno tentacles

In this day and age we became so dependent on tech that it seems to have formed a grasp around us.

Technology underwater

Mermaids and sea creatures enjoying technology in the vast, dark ocean!

THESE DAYS The Battle with a Dragon

These Days the Battle with a Dragon BATTLE IN THE SOCIAL DISTANCING

The Future of Art

This is a piece I made when I thought of Aesthetics meets Technology, It's in a time where homogamic images are so realistic where they use it as replacements for actual art as a precaution. The floating cameras were initially a style choice but then turned in to a part of the story where the human mind has evolved and has been built on so much that we basically have telekinesis for smaller objects like the phone but not big objects like the hologram cameras. I have built a piece of art that also has a lot of story behind it. Hopefully I can get anything from the selection to help me make more pieces and maybe switch to digital graphics to help out. Phoenix out!


Get the idea of ​​the future world in 2069. When humans and robots live together thanks to the outstanding development from modern technology. The whole world will be immersed in the beauty of the generator and the colorful neon lights. Robot, love and death depicts the mystical beauty of the modern but extremely lonely world. As people increasingly pursue beauty, technological beauty and perfection, the simple beauties, the natural beauties will be despised. The beauty standard is man-made, but it causes people to have a headache about it, especially in the period when artificial beauty is on the throne.

Msi Whimsical world

Riding on MSI's flying dragon, we came to a whimsical world of futuristic technology! There are many interesting buildings with different shapes, as well as cute and cute little creatures. They are all very satisfied with MSI's products~ I have created a future city that combines MSI products, including computer hosts, screens, laptops, headsets, and mice. From these products, I can make some interesting changes in my work. I drew it in and became a super handsome mount that led my character into a world of whimsy!! And because I think MSI's products are really great~ So I stretched out a hand from the computer screen, and it was a big praise!!

In neon light.

My submission is a digital illustration made in Adobe Illustrator. A stone forest in the light of the spotlights and only the sky breathes.

When the Technology meets the Aesthetic

As the times and technology have progressed, each person's interpretation of beauty has his own views. It is up to modern society to accept different ideas.

yellow cool dog merge

yellow color cool dog marge for poster flayers like things

Game character design. Playable character. "Black Lady (Haruko Fujiwara), Cheerful Idol"

I wanted to create a character that could show the application of modern technology not only in everyday life or at work, but also in art. A happy and free life without any barriers and how modern technologies allow this dream to come true. The image of a girl in a lush gothic dress on stage in front of a crowd appeared in my head. She blows up the audience with her singing and playing the guitar, and people applaud her loudly. Purposeful and talented person who did not give up, but continued to go towards his aim. Thanks to modern prosthetics, he managed to recover and achieve fame, becoming idol of thousands of fans. This is how I would make her if she were a playable character. I hope the improvement of technologies and design of prostheses give people the opportunity to do what they like. Without any restrictions.

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