Always stay cheerful Thank you MSI for giving you a chance to prove yourself Be Happy

Can this mouse be eaten?

This work is done in photoshop, the subject as it has to be related to something technological, because I wanted to relate a dragon that is the symbol of msi, in the background as if it were a drawing in led it would be the logo of msi and top left puts msi in small and with the technology issue I have related it to the gamer mouse as wondering if it is edible, with a gamer atmosphere (technological) with the table and the led lights

power of imagination and creativity

This power of imagination and creativity are among the few things that tend to generate or recognize ideas, alternative, or possibilities that may be used in solving problems, communication with other, and entertaining ourself and other, that set us apart from the rest of life on Earth.

My Little Dragon | MSI Content Creator 2021

This video tells the story of a gamer who is about to propose to his girlfriend with a MSI dragon bricks toy. Because they are in a long distance relationship, the marriage proposal is done via video call, using a sophisticated MSI computer. The toy held a significant memory between the two of them. Technology, aesthetics, and art accompany their romantic journey. For us, all of MSI's advanced technology is inseparable from the high aesthetics and genuine love given to each of its customers.

Spread beauty

Welcome to another wonderful day. Beauty fell happiness spread some kindness where ever you go. Only spread a fern-frond over a man's head and the care of the world is out, freedom and beauty and peace come.

Single Cover - Boti -Glasklar

Single Cover Graphic Design created by using mixed digital and analog techniques.

Single Cover Design - Boti -Mengmol

Graphic Design for a Single by boti

Album Cover Design - BOTI - OHANA

Album Cover Design for a Local musician's debut


In a world where everything seems connected we are still all apart. When we learn to accept our differences, only then will we be truly connected.


Data integrity is one of foremost concern of the information age. Greek statues are records of the ancient history, they survived the onslaught of time and nature. Will the records of the modern world, digital data, also survive the centuries to come? Technology will answer for that.

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