Palace of Aesthetic

How does beauty rule technology? Technology is the main positive form of aesthetic assimilation of reality, in which the aesthetic ideal finds its direct expression.

Red Moon

Somewhere in galaxy there is a place for devil.


"If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee. " As technology becomes more advanced our responsibility to uphold safe and secure experience should also be maintained and improved.

Not easy to understand me

I know that I am not easy to understand. I know I put a lot in and I know I'm not the easiest to read, but that's okay because even though there's a lot about me that you'll never know, there's a lot of creativity that you can use in technology. Can learn to achieve. I am an aesthetic.


Alone in the dark amidst the heavy downpour of data

Boti - Live

Album Cover Design created by mixing different techniques like graphic design, 3D Design and Typography


The more technology advanced, nowadays people can change their real look to be more beautiful according to their own taste and styles. But no matter how good the technology can beautify the look, use as wisely as possible and for positive matters. This illustration tries to illustrate how nowadays technology can change the look of something ordinary to be truly aesthetic. Various ways can be done by using a variety of software, gadgets and also skills; But filters are one of the easiest and most used media for people to change their look to be more beautiful. Positively our eyes can be spoiled, but sometimes the reality found is different from what is seen on screen.

The future of davin ci

The transformation of art and science, along with it, is like a picture with Leonardo da Vinci adapting himself to the times, not drawing on paper to draw in a program to develop better work. It is similar to the design of his glider that was eventually developed into a rocket

Technology and communication

Communication has long been a companion to us. We communicate in a variety of ways. Be it a pigeon, a letter In the old days, the more distances the distance, the more the communication delay. But in this day, everything is fast. Talking to someone is as easy as going to the bathroom or lying in bed.


Our idea comes from our model. we want to create a compound restaurant that sells coffee in the daytime, and the restaurant will become a bar at night. For the poster, we use the daytime and nighttime of the sky as our theme which represent the characteristics of a compound restaurant. The colour of the words also changed from white which represents the daytime to orange which represents the light at night.

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