I dont know what Im doing but I hope I win something

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I want to make people aware of what is happening to the earth. I am Aaron, I am 13 years old and I love to make stuff! I hope I win!

MSI - Unleash the Dragon within.

With scales a fiery red and dauntingly glowing eyes, this mystical creature perfectly embodies technology, power, and aesthetic. A little something I drew and designed from scratch, and digitized using Adobe Illustrator.


When technology is done with aesthetics in mind, we can achieve another masterpiece. Just like this android that is done in the likeness of the statue of David.

"When the logo speak about content of the company"

I tried to embody the computer hardware that the company manufactures within its logo, as the logo became as if it explains what the company makes of machines.

The power of the MSI

My idea it's mean the power of msi came from the Aesthetic Nature, it's came from mountains and when it came, it came like the ocean and the beach, This is the revolution of the msi That's mean " Tech meets Aesthetic "



India and its freedom fighters

this image consists of Indian freedom fighters

I made a simple 2d car animation

I made an simple car animation

I made a basketball frame by frame animation

I made flash like animation

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