The Try-angle

Never be afraid to try as the only angle by which you can approach success is through the Try-angle. The triangle consists of 3, a number favoured by art, science and even primary colors.

Algorithmic Art

I developed a program using openframeworks that allows me to apply algorithmic filters i've created to images in rapid succession. I've attached an image I created with it.

Goku Kamehameha In Real Life #VFX

My try to make Goku Kamehameha effect

Upend the Horizon

The image featured a figurative MSI RTX3090 SUPRIM X graphic card and a set of inverted binary codes. The codes are translated as "Upend the Horizon" and "MSI" (in Chinese), separated by the MSI logo.

My Intro Logo

I have made this intro in 2D. One is picture and also text animation with it with the amazing sound.

Titan Look

Look from another planet with technology we can reach another planet and have a look that what I made


A digital drawing depicting a scene from a video game I’m working on. This scenario has two of the main characters battling in one of the various levels.

Graphic design

Hello sir my name is Gagandeep from india iam graphic designer


In this Pandemic Era, people were asked to wear mask to prevent them from getting infected by COVID-19. But also don't forget to protect your eyes as it could also infect through your eyes.

Full Life

The figure of a man with open arms on top of a mountain during the sunset representing someone living their lives to the fullest.

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