A Tale of A Trillion Months

A mysterious time traveler who goes under the code name "KITSU" wanders the streets of the Zhonghe District with his dragon companion. KITSU and his companion are searching for the legendary weapon that is claimed to have unfathomable sharpness and elegance - The Katana GF66. During their journey, the two of them realized that they need to "sharpen their game" and stay vigilant at all times. They also discovered boba tea. "A Tale of A Trillion Months" intended to fuse the cyberpunk aesthetic with the traditional elements of Japanese textile designs. The design of KITSU's suit is inspired by the attire worn by Miko. The dragon is the representation of the MSI logo.

Sea sky

You have to find the description !

Embracing Technology

This concept emerges from the fact that there's a whole new world open to us because of technology and us being creators are embracing it's existence.

To the stars and new adventures!

It's amazing how much our life changed when computers appeared in them, fast travel and the boundless craving for new discoveries intensified!

Depth technology

Hello! My name is Anastasia! I am glad to offer you an illustration for the competition "Wonders of technology in the beauty of nature"

The world in technology

Nowadays, our life sticks to what is called technology because by using technology , all the activities we do can become more effective and more efficient. The more advanced the technology you have, the more advanced it will be.

This is my submission, I wanted to do more to it but I didn't have too much time

this is my first time submitting my work

Cyber Pandemic

In a world challenged by pandemic, technology became a form of art, on how one's life is patterned and crafted. Technology became a means for humans to survive, a kind of life style to live each day

Violet & green connecting

I like these colors and they're connecting to technology lines.

My concept art

Hello I'm Anes From Algeria , I'm A Begginer photoshop compositor , Ihope that you like my entry

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