Human Body and Technology

Part of the human body is a beauty which is a representation of aesthetics. From time to time, technology is created and evolves to fulfill human needs which are embellished by their own beauty. Without the beauty of human limbs and senses, technology does not develop. Likewise the aesthetics of the human senses without technology.

Polished Perfection

Polished perfection combines modern high class aesthetics with cutting edge technology to give the user a pleasant and uplifting experience. To a hopeful future where technology could make our losses feel less hurtful, where prosthetic technology gets to a point that we can design it to also look good and be functional. To a more beautiful world where people wont feel left out where technology and aesthetics meet.

RGB-Tech Meets Athestic

As you all know colors are very important. In the digital field we denote colors in the RGB form .This is the main theme of my project in the form of Tech Meets Aesthetic .Thank you MSI for this golden opportunity.

Morning Wine

Who wouldn't like to have a morning wine? all alone by yourself, thinking what could have been cherishing all the moment you had while you were young slowly withering away, people come and go, but their memories stay, now you are here all alone in the morning sun, whisking away a bad day with a glass of wine, may you cherish all the happy moments that you have here on earth, a bottle of wine is all that it takes.


Tech meets asthetic

Dragonaut, Dragon of Chaos

Ancient Dragon, that has been cyber-genetically enhanced by future generations in order to exploit the dragon's power by fusing the dragon with futuristic armaments and countless nanomachines. Angered by this action, the dragon eventually goes on a rampage, and during this specific moment, the nanomachines also accidentally corrupted its mental state which leads to the creation of the unstoppable force that will destroy everything on its path.

Neon Poster "Black Lady / ブラック・レーディー"

Rise & Shine

The Timeless Golden Spiral

Tech meets aesthetic between infinite time and space thru the golden spiral. I am an Engineer by Profession and an Artist by Passion. -Harrison Espina aka "HESON RAGE"

Present and past

A man stuck in his past and present meamory

Spot nature’s beauty in modern innovations

Inspired by the contest theme, this animated piece attempts to convey the MSI’s content creator range’s main advances — beauty, intelligence, and speed — through the analogy with fascinating living creatures.

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