My creation

Some of my favorite creations. I would be very helpful if you consider my works. I am very hard working person. I want to win this competition.( I don't know so much English and I am sorry for that)

Sofiya the criminal of second world



After the outbreak of the Corona pandemic and the cessation of human life, it is imperative for health champions to sacrifice and save the world!

Wall of Fame

When you have low end pc.but want to beacome editor


Illustration in autodesk sketchbook mobile Hooe you like it!

Laptop Ad poster

This a unique design for promoting MSI Brand GS65 Stealth Thin.

An ode to his voice that afternoon..!

This was conceptualized in a gondola ride during my visit to Venice...

Kick scooter by "HappyDaddyson"

A scooter for children from 1.5 to 3 years old. Made of wood. Skateboard chassis. Original design. A great toy for little racers.


2020 has passed, and too many things have happened in this magical year.But thanks to the high-tech modernity, we have successfully weathered the difficulties.Only to record my feelings this year.

The MSI logo

I would like to show how the new MSI logo can look like while preserving the whole essence and structure. Everything sometimes has to be updated and you can start with the appearance.

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