A brand new app integrates MSI Components, Desktop Systems and Peripherals into one platform.

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Gaming Mode

1 Click, Gaming Mode optimizes all you need for smooth gaming

msi dragon center Gameing mode screen

*Please note that this function will only work before you open your game.

User Scenario

1 Click, customize your own MSI graphics card's performance.

extreme performance

Extreme Performance

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Creator Mode

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rtx2070 super frequency

Extreme Performance: Increases core clock to give the best performance
Silent: Creates the best environment

Creator Mode

Creator Mode provides auto-tuning functions optimizing the supported applications, bringing you a superior user experience. In Creator Mode, the best settings for the supported applications installed will be applied.

msi dragon center Creator mode screen

LAN Manager

Control network settings to prioritize games and streams. Eliminate lag!





LAN Manager displays all applications that are using bandwidth and lets you decide which applications should get priority.


Keep your eyes on key statistics

dragon center hardwar

This function shows you critical hardware information in real-time; including temperature, usage, clock speed, and voltage. You can select which statistics you want the app to display.

True Color

Treat your eyes gently! Adjust the screen contrast to the visual experience you should deserve!

eyereset mode
game mode
movie mode
customize mode

Inclusive THREE predefined modes-EyeRest mode, Game Mode, and Movie Mode.
If you are not satisfied with the predefined mode, the Customize mode gives you the option to adjust Gamma, Level, Brightness and Contrast of all colors to match your preference.

Mystic Light

Using millions of colors and countless animated effects to customize your own cards!
Mystic Light detects all compatible products from both MSI and other brands and lists them for you to control individually or linked together.

  • No animation

  • Default

  • Doubleflashing

  • FadeIn

  • Flashing

  • Laminating

  • Magic

  • Marquee

  • Off

  • Patrolling

  • Rainbow

  • RainDrop

  • Rhythm

  • Shrink

  • Stack

  • Static

  • Steady

  • Streaming

  • Twisting

  • Wave

  • Whirling

  • ColorFusion

  • Lightning Strike

  • Colour Overlay

  • Single Overlay

Mystic Light Sync

Synchronize your Mystic Light colors and effect across all the components and peripherals with RGB LEDs.