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  • Eric van Beurden

    Hi I’m Eric and I’ve been working at MSI for over 15 years. As a hardware enthusiast and gamer this job feels more like a hobby. I started in the sales department before I moved to the product marketing department. In this role we worked a lot with our R&D teams on improving our products, features, website and communication. Recently I’m more focused on video productions and live streams. Besides all the work I still play a lot of games and I’m a huge fan of the Battlefield series where I used to play competitive 32v32 and 8v8.

  • Pieter Arts

    Hi, I’m Pieter and I’ve been gaming since the MS-DOS age. In my teenage years I’ve spent way too many hours gaming, racking up massive (dial-up) internet bills and reading up on & tweaking hardware to play the latest games. A few years ago I was lucky enough to turn my passion into a career by joining MSI‘s Product Marketing team. My current go-to games are CS:GO, PUBG and World of Warships, especially because it’s always fun to play with friends. However I’m always excited to play new games with beautiful graphics and innovative gameplay concepts.

  • Michiel Berkhout

    Hello! My name is Michiel, but because that’s quite hard to pronounce in English, you can also call me Mike. Before I joined MSI, I was a news editor at an online publication about computer hardware for several years. Except for enjoying computer hardware, I really like multiplayer gaming. In the past, I stacked monsterkills in Unreal Tournament ’99 (instagib mode). Nowadays, I mostly enjoy Rocket League and sometimes a little PUBG. I don’t really care about beautiful graphics, for me it’s all about performance: the highest fps and the lowest delay.

  • Jiaqi Qian

    Hey! I’m Jiaqi and somehow people always have troubles with pronouncing my name. Here I am, as the newest member to our team. I joined MSI’s Product Marketing team and it’s only on a 20 minutes biking distance, can’t get any better! International companies always interested me as I thoroughly enjoy experiencing cross-cultural working environments. I have been interested in gaming for as long as I can remember. And being a gaming and hardware enthusiast I couldn’t have found a better place to “work”. So you can say that I’m one of the lucky ones to actually enjoy what I do. PC master race is definitely my philosophy. In my life I have played countless games.But at the moment my go-to games are CSGO and resident evil series.

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