See why Viva La Dirt League is so fascinated by MSI OPT BOOST Motherboards!

What is Intel® Optane™ Memory?

Intel® Optane memory is a revolutionary hyper-fast memory module, creating the bridge between the DRAM and Storage to improve HDD speed, enhance system performance and responsiveness.

Its intelligent software automatically learns your computing behaviors to accelerate frequent tasks and customize your computer experience.

Equipped with the latest Intel 3D Xpoint technology, the Optane Memory can decrease latency and accelerate systems on compatible machines to improve transfer speeds.

Coupled with high-capacity hard driver (HDD), Intel® Optane™ Memory offers better performance of both: high speed data transmission, and affordable, large storage capacity.

Why MSI Optane Ready Motherboard?

All MSI 200 series motherboards support the latest Intel® OptaneTM Memory technology, and provide gamers with the easier way to boost HDD speed in limited budget.

Optane Genie is an easy and smart tool found in the latest BIOS MSI’s 200 series motherboards, which enables setting up the use of Optane Memory through the BIOS with just 1-click, making Optane Memory setup easy for everyone.

MSI OPT BOOST Motherboards

MSI OPT BOOST MOTHERBOARDS not only includes the Intel® OptaneTM 16 GB Memory inside, but pre-installed and already optimized to speed up hard driver (HDD) performance to new heights.

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