What is Team DRAGON ?

Now, we are recruiting young talented gamers on both amateur and professional levels, to lend our support to help them compete in the glorious arenas of eSport tournaments.

Team Dragon isn’t just about tapping our logo on every jersey – but the commitment to turn gamers’ dreams into reality through a platform that can cultivate their passion, to one day to be able to compete against world-class rivals and dominate the arenas.


Sponsorship Info

Product Sponsorship

We believe having effective weapons gives you an edge in the game. MSI offers every team a full peripheral of products including gaming headsets, keyboard and mouse1. MSI will also offer free replacements once a year during the sponsorship period

Team Jersey

Whether you are a pro or an amateur, a uniform is what represents the team and the synergy between your teammates. MSI gladly supports our sponsored teams to design and produce their team uniforms.

Brand Support

MSI offers all our teams support in promoting their brands through MSI social media platforms as well as collaborating in our content creation. We also work together with our teams to promote our products via campus events, tournaments and other opportunities.

  1. Exact product models and amounts will based on each individual sponsorship agreement.