March 23, 2023 Know More About Your Laptop Display Via Exclusive Calibration Report Yes you may have known about the size, resolution or refresh rate of your laptop display, but do you know how accurate it is? Can it precisely show the pictures, photos or even the scenes in games? Now we got [...]
March 22, 2023 The benefits of Magnesium Aluminum alloy laptop chassis A thin, light yet robust chassis is the ultimate goal for laptop owners. Now, with the advance of metallurgy, the dream has been turned into reality. ▲ MSI Prestige 13 Evo uses MgAl and weights only 990g The new MSI Prestige 13 Evo, [...]
March 08, 2023 Boost your battery life with PD Charging The long-awaited MSI laptop with intel 13th gen processor has arrived. One of the major features that have been added to MSI laptops is PD (Power Delivery) Charging. As the power efficiency increases along with the improvement of the semiconductor [...]
February 27, 2023 Key to Thin-n-Light Performance Laptops: MSI Vapor Chamber Cooler When smaller performance laptops are packed with faster processors, memories, and graphics, the drawback is the device getting hotter due to the increase of heat. Traditional heat pipes are no longer viable as there isn’t enough room to fit [...]
February 22, 2023 Performance Advantage of MSI Laptops with 13th Gen CPU and RTX 40 GPU New Generation Graphics - RTX 40 series performance With full embargo lift now passed, the long-awaited new GPU has come. The all-new 40 series consist of RTX 4090/4080/4070/4060/4050. The new Ada Lovelace architecture brings the next-gen Ray Tracing and DLSS3 AI acceleration which [...]
February 21, 2023 Understand How AMD Name Their Mobile CPU Hi, today we gonna talk about how AMD names their mobile CPU. From this year AMD will apply the new naming scheme for their mobile CPU and it will be extremely helpful when considering an AMD laptop if you fully [...]
February 14, 2023 MSI Titan GT77 Is The World’s First & Only Laptop Featuring 4K/144Hz Mini LED Display The MSI Titan GT77 will matches the high-end 4K gaming monitor with its class-leading 4K/144Hz Mini LED display The latest Titan GT77 just hit the market and it won the heart of crowd with its unprecedented CPU & GPU performance. [...]
February 08, 2023 2023 MSI Laptops product lines overview Meet the latest laptop series from MSI, perfect for professionals seeking top performance and versatility. With a sleek design and a range of models for different needs, these laptops deliver premium specs and features for a superior experience. From business [...]
November 11, 2022 What can you charge with the stock MSI PD Charger? Part.2 PD charger connecting to MSI Summit E14 Flip Evo laptop In the previous article, What can you charge with the stock MSI PD Charger?, walked through about how PD charging works and what it can charge. This time we will [...]