September 14, 2023 GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 16G - The Best Value Graphics Card for Stable Diffusion XL If you’ve been online in the past few months, chances are, you’ve seen social media posts, news articles, and videos about AI and the content they can generate. OpenAI’s brainchild, ChatGPT, is by far the most popular. [...]
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January 25, 2022 Cooler Recommendation for Intel Core i5-12600 and Core i7-12700 In January 2022, Intel expanded its 12th Gen Core Intel Processors lineup with the introduction of non-K processors. Consequently, new CPU coolers are introduced for non-K 12th Gen Intel Core processors. So which coolers can handle Core i5-12600, Core i7[...]
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November 23, 2021 Is your liquid cooler ready for the next generation of technology? LGA 1700 Installation for MSI's MEG and MPG Liquid Coolers LGA 1700 Installation for MSI's MAG Liquid Coolers LGA 1700 Installation for MSI's MEG and MPG Liquid Coolers The MEG CORELIQUID S Series and MPG CORELIQUID K Series can easily support Intel's 12th [...]