May 27, 2022 Exploring Quantum Dot Monitors: How Well do they Hold up for Gaming? Gamers have an eye for realism; you can almost certainly spot something fishy a mile away if you're a gamer. Whether it's a jarring FPS drop right in the middle of a boss fight or inconsistent world design, nothing goes [...]
May 26, 2022 What is the benefit of Premium Color mode in gaming? [Taipei, Taiwan] Last year, MSI unveiled the next step of Quantum Dot Technology and announced QD Premium Color as the next highest standard of color in the MSI gaming monitors. QD Premium Color guarantees the performance of the monitor with [...]
May 12, 2022 Enhance the compatibility of MSI console mode with NVIDIA NIS [Taipei, Taiwan] In 2021, Nvidia launched Nvidia Image Scaling (NIS) for those who want to have better FPS performance on PC gaming but their graphic card does not support Nvidia DLSS technology. Nvidia NIS is a solution for the players without [...]
April 27, 2022 What is VRR and how does it bring benefit to gaming? [Taipei, Taiwan] Recently we noticed an increasing amount of console gamers discussing VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) on social media, with the PS5 seeming to be supporting VRR soon. When PS5 launched, every gamer expected this new feature on the next-gen [...]
April 14, 2022 What is Less Blue Light (Hardware Solution) and it's our eyes' best friend in gaming? Have you ever experienced uncomfortable eye strain after playing video games or using the computer for too long? In 2022, the graphics development lets games provide spectacular scenes and great content which we can explore. There are many possible reasons which [...]
February 18, 2022 Monitor color plays a critical role in gaming. Are you sure that when you are gaming the images you see are what the game designers wanted you to see? At times game images can look so incredible in the footage but look very average when it's on your [...]
December 16, 2021 A New Multi-Tasking Challenger – MAG281URF’s KVM Previously, we introduced a new MSI KVM feature when releasing the MPG321UR-QD. It allows us to use a controller to control OSD functions. We called it MSI KVM3.0. We already understand the basic functions of KVM1.0, which allows us [...]
December 03, 2021 Best PC Gaming Gifts 2021: MSI Holiday Gift Guide Encountering the rage-inducing ‘out-of-stock’ notification when trying to snag a new-gen console can quickly put a dampener on your holiday festivities. After all, kicking back and enjoying the latest games in your living room with a brand-new console would have [...]
November 24, 2021 MSI Holiday Gift Guide 2021: Best Console Gaming Monitors for PS5, PS4 and Xbox The holiday season is upon us, and you know some killer deals are just around the corner! If you’re looking to gift a loved one a gaming monitor that pairs perfectly with a next-generation console like the PlayStation 5 or [...]