October 20, 2021 Are you ready to fight for Yara? Let’s jump into Far Cry 6’s tropical island with MSI’s gaming system and monitor Ubisoft launched the latest adventure shooting game Fary Cry 6 on Oct 7th. President Antón Castillo was a dictator ruling the Yara. You are one of the forces resisting the tyranny of Antón and fighting to liberate this country. [...]
October 18, 2021 Why a 1000R Curved Monitor is so Much Better for those Late Night Netflix Binges Watching your favorite movies and shows on the largest screen in the house, i.e., your TV, is a no-brainer for most people. But what if someone at home is already watching something on it or you just want to [...]
October 18, 2021 1000R vs. 1500R vs. 1800R Curved Monitors - What’s the difference? Which one is better? Curved monitor specifications often list a number followed by the letter ‘R,’ like 1000R, 1800R, etc. If you’re wondering what this means, how they differ, and how it affects your buying choices, you’ve come to the right place. [...]
October 18, 2021 5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to a 1000R Curved monitor Deciding between a curved or a flat monitor is already a hard-enough choice, but add to that equation several curvatures like 1000R, 1500R, and 1800R that you’ll invariably encounter during your research, and you find yourself in a soup. [...]
October 15, 2021 Not Only A Display, Interacting With Your Monitor – MEG381CQR Plus [Taipei, Taiwan] In September, MSI launched the first MEG Series monitor MEG381CQR Plus. Being MSI's largest gaming monitor, MEG381CQR Plus is equipped with 3840 X 1600 resolution and 21:9 aspect ratio to provide a wide visual for work or gaming. With 175[...]
October 12, 2021 All You Need to Know about DDR5 Memory Modules It’s been over a year since rumors and leaks about DDR5 started hitting the streets. Today, we’re going to cover what we know about DDR5 modules from Kingston that will release alongside Intel’s next-generation CPUs. DDR5 vs. [...]
October 01, 2021 What is Auto HDR and how to enable on Windows 11? Recently, Microsoft released the all-new Windows 11, which is available for Windows 10 users to upgrade. One of the biggest improvements of Windows 11 in gaming is the Auto HDR feature. The Auto HDR feature can intelligently take SDR-only games to HDR level [...]
September 22, 2021 8 Useful Tips to Boost Your Work From Home Productivity Being a successful remote employee requires discipline, above all else. Now that COVID-19 has forced us away from our offices and working from home has become the norm, we don’t have a choice but to make sure that we [...]
September 22, 2021 Mitigating Health Risks of Working From Home Staying healthy when working from your office was always important. But since offices are already equipped with furniture and equipment that’s geared towards working longer hours, you aren’t hopefully taking too much of a toll on your health. [...]