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MSI is worlds first brand to enable A-XMP on Ryzen for best DDR4 performance, launches new models

X370 KRAIT GAMING, ARCTIC, SLI PLUS AND MORE ARE ADDED TO THE LINE-UP MSI, the leading gaming motherboard brand, is proud to announce its R&D engineers developed and enabled world’s first 1-second DDR4 performance and stability feature, A-XMP. By using A-XMP MSI AM4 motherboard owners can simply set their memory timings and speed to its optimal settings in a single click for the best performance and stability. A-XMP also en... More


MSI Z270 MPOWER GAMING TITANIUM NOW AVAILABLE FEATURES TITANIUM BACKPLATE AND DUAL RTL1220 AUDIO PROCESSORS MSI, the leading gaming motherboard brand, is proud to announce availability for its latest TITANIUM model, the Z270 MPOWER GAMING TITANIUM. This motherboard is set to deliver the best experience in audio, when gaming online and when using VR. Next to this, MPOWER is designed to deliver the best perform... More

MSI releasees new Z270 GAMING M6 AC motherboard Joining the ranks of the extensive MSI Z270 Enthusia line-up

MSI, world leading in gaming hardware innovation, is proud to announce a brand new Enthusiast GAMING motherboard, the Z270 GAMING M6 AC with its incredibly versatile and complete foundation for a high-end gaming system. Inspired from a futuristic armored spaceship, the Z270 GAMING M6 AC design with multilayer plating, wings and armaments emphasize an ultramodern style. Erupting from the core, the entire color spectrum flows through illuminated li... More

Rise back to glory with MSI and AMD RYZEN MSI relleases complete new AM4 Gaming lineup to harness the power of RYZEN

Almost three years ago, MSI introduced the world’s first AMD-based GAMING motherboard. Today, together with AMD, MSI sets a new standard for AMD-based GAMING motherboards with the launch of Ryzen. Based on the new AM4 platform, MSI unleashes a complete lineup of game-changing motherboards, ready to cater to gamers worldwide. Available in three GAMING segments: Enthusiast GAMING, Performance GAMING and Arsenal GAMING, there’s a motherb... More


Known by some as the Oscars of design, the prestigious iF design awards represent the best of the best. Winning two iF awards this year, world leading gaming brand MSI stood out from the competition. The winning products are the top-notch gaming motherboard MSI Z270 TOMAHAWK and one of the world’s tiniest VR Ready gaming desktops, the MSI Trident 3. MSI Z270 TOMAHAWK motherboard Winning the award for motherboard product design, the MS... More

MSI Readies new Z270 Gaming motherboard Z270 Gaming Plus is added to the extensive MSI Z270 line-up

MSI, world leading in gaming hardware innovation, is proud to announce a brand new GAMING motherboard, the Z270 GAMING PLUS. Adding red and black design to the Performance GAMING Series, GAMING PLUS is built with the key pillars creativity and personality in mind. Inspired from the colors and flow of lava, design touches can be found when looking at the unique motherboard printing highlights to complement the red and black heatsink design. To fin... More



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