November 29, 2021 How to choose a PC Build for Christmas? With the holidays approaching us at light speed (this year went by quickly, didn't it?), it's almost that time of the year again! Holidays are meant to be spent with family, eating delicious meals, and of course, a fair share [...]
November 17, 2021 How to Place Your Liquid Cooler With Intel and AMD processors becoming more powerful and hotter, all-in-one liquid coolers are climbing steadily in popularity. There are different ways to install the liquid cooler, affected by the position of the radiator and the direction of the radiator [...]
June 01, 2021 MSI Product Launch 2021 - MPG QUIETUDE 100S A high-performance gaming PC deserves a home that treats it well. In addition to looking great, it should also stay as silent as it possibly can. This is precisely the thought process that went into the design of MSI’s [...]
September 24, 2020 Is Your PC Ready for An Nvidia Ampere RTX 30-Series Graphics Card? With the launch of the first Ampere graphics cards for gamers, the RTX 3080, the stage is set for high-resolution gaming and advanced graphics technologies to reach everyone. Coming in at impressive prices and offering astounding performance improvements compared to the [...]
August 03, 2020 Intelligent temperature and ARGB lighting adjustment - MAG CORELIQUID 240RH and MAG CORELIQUID 360RH Hub In Depth Guide   MAG CORELIQUID 240RH and MAG CORELIQUID 360RH are equipped with MSI' s exclusive multifunctional hub. The liquid cooler adjusts the CPU temperature and keeps the CPU running at high efficiency. The Hub detects the internal temperature of the system [...]