Redemption Process

Terms and conditions

  • This promotion is available for limited time or while stocks last. Promotion starts from 9th March to 31st May 2018. Any registration filed beyond this period is considered null and void.
  • MSI employees, distributors, business partners are not eligible to participate in this promotion.
  • MSI reserves the right to take legal action if found any illegal/ fraudulent claims
  • Standard redemption submission might take 14 working days verified by MSI staff.
  • When uploading invoice through redemption process, clear caption including purchase date, purchase bundled item and purchase source are strictly required.
  • The STEAM Wallet code you received shall only be activated through STEAM platform.
  • This bundle is available USA,CA, DE, NL, FR, ES, UK, BE, DK, RU, FI, SE, NO, LV, CZ, PL, IT, AT, CH, AU, KR, JP and TW. Customers are not allowed to purchase from non MSI local authorized source, otherwise the subjected invoice will be considered invalid.
  • Once the redemption is approved, STEAM Wallet code will be sent out within 7 working days to your MSI registered mail address
  • MSI retains the right to make adjustments on sales bundle content without prior notice subject to any directions from a regulatory authority.
  • All the customer information shall be kept for future marketing purposes. Information will be kept internal to MSI, and will not be shared with any third party companies or partners.
  • Please note there is currency conversion when you redeem Steam wallet code in different countries. Steam platform will automatically convert the funds from your Steam Wallet Code when Steam platform deposit it into your Steam Wallet.
  • This condition is under Steam policy.