A new
gaming period
is coming!
What Kind
of Gamer Are You?

For many of us the holidays are over and it's time to go back to school, university or work. But let's not forget to keep gaming!
Take the test and find out what kind of gamer you are and which MSI gaming PC fits you best! You may even win a great prize in the end...

This promotion has ended.
Thank you all for participating!

And the winners are:

  • Andrea Peirone
  • Jack Schneider
  • Arne Swillens
  • Egoitz Aranzabal
  • Kim Noerregaard
  • Max Goraj
  • Yann Sowa
  • Kevin Froboese
  • Daniel Resko
  • David Smith
  • Elvijs Skudra
  • Shaun Walton
  • Dennis Larsen
  • Kim Casas
  • Dorinel Neacsu
  • Jeff Shearl
  • Hamidi Hamzah
  • Maajid Saidy
  • Phil Schroeter
  • Tom Blackman
  • Jose Borba
  • Brigitte Libert
  • Andrea Peirone
  • Josh McClure-Ward
  • Thomas Lyck
  • Felix Goding
  • Janna Zahnow
  • Joeri Verdickt
  • Milosz Kowalewski
  • Carlos Guerra
  • Sebastian Weisse
  • Jeroen Groenewold
  • Erik Ellerstrand
  • Ahmet Cevikalp
  • Maeve Kilpatrick
  • Luis Aran Callizo

Enjoy your prizes!