If you already obtained the Master Key and you're having trouble redeeming the Call of Duty on the Intel webpage, please refer to the Q&A section below.

Redemption Q&A

  • MK(Master Key) doesn’t work: If you enter an incorrect MK and trigger a security block on the Intel webpage (http://softwareoffer.intel.com/callofduty), click “Support” at the bottom of the page to submit a support request and provide your MK to Intel’s support team. The support team will review your request and unblock your MK.
  • No Call of Duty Code to download: If you see the message “We are temporarily out of codes” on the Intel webpage, submit a support request. Intel will notify you by e-mail when more codes have been loaded into the redemption system.

For other issues related to Master Keys, please contact the Intel support team. INTEL SUPPORT URL: http://softwareoffer.intel.com/callofduty