Curved monitor specifications often list a number followed by the letter ‘R,’ like 1000R, 1800R, etc. If you’re wondering what this means, how they differ, and how it affects your buying choices, you’ve come to the right place.

What is Monitor Curvature?

A curved monitor can bend sharply or gradually, and its curvature indicates how much a particular monitor curves. This monitor curvature is measured in millimeters and denoted by ‘R.’

What is Monitor Curvature

As you can see in the image above, a curved monitor’s shape is simply an arc (section of a circle). The smaller the radius of this arc, the more its curvature.

Not coincidentally, the human field of view is also curved. Hence, curved monitors help even the edges of a large monitor stay within the confines of your vision. What’s more, it does this while minimizing the strain on your eyes and neck.

section of a circle

On the other hand, when you’re using a relatively larger flat screen monitor, you inevitably will have certain parts of the screen (edges) that are at a much sharper angle to you compared to the rest of your display. There are two key issues here –

- It can cause perceivable distortion to images at the edges of your display
- You could suffer from increased eye fatigue due to constant changes in your eyes’ plane of view while glancing across the screen.

Different Monitor Curvatures: 1000R, 1500R, and 1800R

You’ve probably figured this out already, but here’s how it goes – the shorter the radius, the smaller the circle and, thus, more pronounced the curve. So, a 1000R curved monitor is more curved than an 1800R curved monitor. The R stands for ‘Radius’; the number preceding it indicates the radius (in mm) of a monitor’s curvature.

What is a 1000R Curved Monitor?

1000R Curved Monitor

As you’ll recall, a monitor’s curve is simply a section of a complete circle (also called an arc). The radius of this circle (and the arc) is that number you see before the ‘R.’ So, to answer your question – a 1000R curved monitor indicates a curved monitor that forms a complete circle with a radius of 1000mm or 1 meter.

A 1000R curved monitor most closely matches the curvature of our field of vision, which allows it to deliver the most comfortable viewing experience of any curved monitor.

What are 1500R and 1800R Curved Monitors?

A 1500R Curved Monitor completes a circle with a radius of 1500mm (1.5 meters), while an 1800R Curved Monitor indicates a curvature with a radius of 1800mm (1.8 meters).

Advantages of Going 1000R vs. 1800R or 1500R for Gaming

When you’re gaming, you want as broad a view of the battlefield while also ensuring a relaxing experience during those long hours spent in front of a screen. Here are a few advantages gamers can enjoy when using a 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor:

● The natural curve of a 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor helps you stay focused on what’s happening, even on large monitors.
● Better depth perception enhances how immersed you feel in expansive game worlds.
● It matches the curvature of how we humans see the world. Not only does this make a 1000R curve much easier on the eyes as you scan across the screen, but it also helps blur the boundary between the real and virtual world.
● Boosts realism in simulation games like Forza Horizon 4 or Microsoft Flight Simulator.
● Because the periphery of a 1000R Curved Monitor sits within your natural field of view, you’ll be more reactive in fast-paced, competitive shooters as well.
● It helps you reduce strain on both your eyes and neck as you no longer have to move your head side-to-side to accommodate the edges of your display. Instead, a 1000R Curve brings those edges into as much focus as the center of your screen.

1000R Curved Gaming Monitor

1000R Curved Monitors: Just Perfect

Matching the curvature of our field of view is no mean feat. It ensures that you remain at the center of all that action on-screen, while also granting you access to so much additional screen real estate. A combination of expansive game worlds and gorgeous graphics transports you into virtual worlds like never before.

Whether you’re playing the latest games or enjoying the latest shows on Netflix, a 1000R curved monitor is one of the best ways to ensure complete, near-perfect immersion.

If you’re still not too sure whether a 1000R curve will be ‘too curved’ for you, check out our “5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to a 1000R Curved monitor ".

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