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Base on the historical fiction type, the Assassin’s Creed series is a action-adventure open world stealth video game and well received by the public and gamers. The series had been inspired by the novel Alamut and have already been sold more than 73 millions copy. The AC series story line mainly resolves around the competition between two old societies, the assassins and the knights Templar.


The Assassin’s Creed Syndicate was released on 23 of October and it’s the ninth major installment in the AC series. The scenario has been set in Victorian era London and the city will be taken back from the control of Templar by following twin assassin’s wrecking surreptitiously.

It’s a third-person action game and the world is navigated on character’s feet or other transporter, like the carriage or the steam train. The mechanics of combat and stealth have been refined and so does the navigation system. Players can manage two characters which are twins Jacob and Evie Frye through the chapters and sometimes switch between them during the missions.

Outstanding visual design

The story based in 1868 when London was bustling and heavily industrialised city, the heart of an unprecedented Empire. When visiting some area you’ll feel exciting especially Trafalgar Square and the Palace of Westminister. We can say the city is well-represented in a mechanical sense.

Never been to the top of the Big Bang? Evie will help you to be there.

The eagle vision

It’s the genetic ability which can separate friend, hostile guys and assassination targets by illuminating people in different colors.

Gameplay & Settings
Unlike the predecessor, AC Unity, the bugs had been taken care carefully before its launch and it seems some quality had been reduced in order to tweak up the performance. While weak low-end GPUs are gasping during the testing, the mid-high GPUs are still facing issues on different settings. We’ve found the 3D engine still needs high requirement of the hardware and in some chapters it calls the overextended demanding. Since some graphics are featuring 4 to 8 GB VRAM, it should be no problem to run “1920x1080, Ultra High” settings, while featuring 2 to 3GB VRAM might not be surprised if encounter issues in “Ultra High” setting, not to mention the 3840x2160 resolution.

As we’ve mentioned before, this title requires mid-high hardware configuration to run smooth gameplays. To feature GTX950M is the minimum specification if you wish to run at least 1366x768 with full FXAA.

According to our test on msi gaming laptops, the GS series with GTX970M and GE series with GTX965M are both well-performed one if you consider carrying a powerful slim machine or mid-to-high range but friendly price. For sure it’s a pleasant journey to jump between the roofs and towers or hijack gang’s property by beating them down. To have a smooth-play gaming laptop is kind of important before you start to enjoy it.

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