The best combination to become a streaming star - Xsplit Gamecaster & Nahimic 2

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As we known, the streaming trend is booming. You know which game is on fire easily when you check the stats of Gaming YouTube or Twitch. But…..have you ever think of how to be a popular streamer? 

Three postulates to be popular streamers:
1. A gorgeous look – audience always like beautiful & handsome boys.
2. Funny talks or gameplays – making the show more entertaining and more interactive.
3. Great gaming skills –audience enjoy tense gameplays, just like watching exciting sports tournaments 
But even if you possess any all these criteria, you still need to know how to use the right tool to show yourself on line. Thanks to MSI, the gaming notebook I own provides the premium license of a convenient tool, the Xsplit Gamecaster. This software is designed for casual gamers wanting to start live streaming or record their gameplay with minimal setup and configuration. The Xsplit Gamecaster allows them to do all these immediately and easily.

All you need to do is to create an account on XSplit, Twitch or YouTube and to authorize the account in the application. You can then follow the instructions to start to stream/record your gameplay with 3 simple steps. 

Nahimic is another software that MSI cooperates with A-volute. It not only boosts the experience of hearing, but also enhances the recording quality. The combination of these two individual software, Xsplit Gamecaster and Naminic, may help beginners a lot to stream.


The HD Audio Recorder 2 is a powerful function for streaming. Every streamer is able to create contents with a professional quality sound, even you don’t have a high-end microphone. You don’t need to worry anymore about the unwanted sound being recorded into your streaming show/video.

You don’t have to activate this function on your own. It will be automatically turned on when you start to stream or record with XSplit Gamecaster. However, you can disable the HD Audio Recorder 2 function on your own if you don’t feel like using it by unchecking the “Start with a recording option” in the HD Audio Recorder 2 section in the Nahimic app.  

The Audio Launchpad allows us to use pre-recorded sounds during a streaming.  Just use simple combination keys to launch different pre-recorded sounds when you feel like to add a bit dramatic or funny voices/sounds during the gameplay or streaming.

To know more details about the Audio Launch Pad, you may go to below link.

I need to admit this kind of joint efforts are really impressive. It lets me expect more new features in the next version. Hope one of these 2 software could let me change my voice into a female or a robot one…going to be so funny, right? XDD
Don’t hesitate to show yourself with your MSI gaming notebook. You may be the next streaming star on Twitch or YouTube.

Here’s the link to help you get your premium license for XSplit Gamecaster.

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