MSI GS series is design for users who care about mobility the most. The slim and light design of this series has been continuously impressed the gaming industry and this time is no exception.
GS63VR Stealth Pro is powered by Intel Core i7 processors with the latest NVIDIA’s GeForce® GTX 1060 graphics card. Powering such a high-end graphics card in a chassis weighing merely 1.9kg and only 17.7mm thin is pretty much a mission impossible. Creating effective thermal circulation within such a limited space is definitely a huge challenge to conquer. MSI’s answer to this mission impossible is the Cooler Boost Trinity.
The brand-new Cooler Boost Trinity employs three Whirlwind Blade fans, each with up to 41 blades, and a total of five heatpipes. Silent yet powerful fans and heatpipes are arranged intelligently to build dual / separate thermal systems on CPU and GPU. The impossible is made possible.
The overall design, innovative cooling solution and its gaming features especially catered for gamers have been highly acknowledged by the judge of the Best Choice Award. GS63VR Stealth Pro took the Best Choice Golden Award back home at Computex 2016.
With the huge performance leap brought by the latest NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 10 Series Graphics, conventional cooling solution is not going to be enough. The laptop system might experience issues such as sudden CPU clock or GPU frequency drops because the cooling system can’t keep up with the pace of thermal generation. Having this happen on a gaming laptop one invests a lot in is just not cool.

Try to avoid it? The better choice is MSI.