The high resolution 3K IPS LCD panel is definitely suitable for most needs of animation/design/gamers. More than that, its higher spec and performance will deliver much more detailed quality and exciting visual experience to the users.




Resolution of 3K IPS edition

Higher resolution means more image detail. The resolution of MSI 3K IPS edition’s specification is 2880x1620. (FHD=1920x1080). The users can simply get the detailed information within the control panel of operation system. a4

PPI of 3K IPS edition

Regarding to the pixel density, the 3K IPS edition is defined as 220 ppi and FHD version goes to 141ppi. The higher ppi could deliver more detailed image information in same square pixels. a5

Contract ratio of the 3K IPS edition

A high contract ratio is a desired aspect of any display. The higher of the contrast ratio the more vivid effect will be produced. a6

Viewable angle of the 3K IPS edition

A viewable angle is the angle at which a display can be viewed with acceptable visual performance. The image may seem garbled, poorly saturated, of poor contrast, blurry or too faint outside the stated viewing angle range. The 3K IPS monitor of course can display all the benefits in its wilder viewable range which the FHD monitor couldn’t reach. a7

3K IPS edition will bring much more visual satisfaction

With the higher spec of each crucial aspect, the 3K IPS edition is truly the outstanding panel to give the users much more visual experience. No matter the designers, gamers, or users of other purposes, this 3K IPS edition is surely the solution for them to meet the hunger of richness in color and detail in image quality. a8