header_7-things-hardcore-gamer 1. What you have said to your girlfriend (or mom?) the most is “I just need to finish…” Maybe it’ll be done in 5 minutes, or maybe it’ll be done in 2 hours. To be honest, you don’t even mind to spend the rest of the day if you have a Raid in World of Warcraft to finish. Anyways, as a hardcore gamer you know you just have to complete the mission. Or at least get to the next save point. finish 2. You think PC gaming is better than console The war of PC and console gaming never ends, but you got your answer. PC allows you to customize stuff like tweaking the games to get the best graphics and gaming experience. And of course you are not afraid of running into problems and bugs caused by your adjustments; you probably even enjoy solving them. Besides, PC games often get unofficial support, bug fixes and new hardware support. You absolutely surrendered to what PC gaming is capable of. image003 3. You’d rather people call you by your username than your birth name in real life Sometimes you don’t even answer to people who call you your birth name because you are totally immersed in the world of games. Maybe you’ve already asked your mom to call you your username in League of Legends instead of Jack. In the end, you probably will sign paperwork or send emails with your username as your signature. image005 4. You spend more than you can imagine on your gaming PC Hardcore PC gamers are insanely attached to their gaming PC's, and are willing to spend thousands of dollars to upgrade the hardware in order to play the most up to date games and enjoy gorgeous gaming performance. So try to calculate, a high level gaming motherboard like the X99S GAMING Series with multiple gaming graphics cards, which enable you to play the game with all the ultra-settings and trimmings at a high FPS, as well as enjoy the most powerful Audio & Killer Ethernet experience, how much will they cost? Don’t be too surprised, plenty of hardcore gamers are prepared to pay it. YyXsQZ6 5. Your strongest bonds to people are on the network You have no intention to talk to an actual person. Texting is fine, but talking to people that have nothing to do with winning games is just a waste of time. 6. You take gaming really seriously, you even think about games when you’re not playing games In short, you are addicted. You take gaming really seriously. Even when you are not playing games, you tend to be opinionated on forums and blogs. But on the other hand, you are also very generous to share what you know regarding your gaming experience, skills and hardware with people. Not to mention all the effort you put into a game. image009 7. Your eyes hurt in natural sunlight What is that giant fireball in the sky? It hurts my eyes. I’d better go back to my room. The glow of my 24” LCD screen is way better than sunlight. image011