MSI's CES 2020 showcase was a big hit, especially in the monitor department. We're proud to reveal some of our finest products that are designed to make life easier for professionals and enhance the gaming experience for gamers.
Monitor Lineup for Gamers and Professionals
From portability to smart features, our lineup does genuinely have it all. What's more, our CES 2020 monitor lineup won innovation awards in several categories! Here are some of the exciting launches coming up at CES this year:

Creator PS321 Series

Imagine a lineup that features a quality 4K IPS monitor and a high-refresh-rate 1440p (WQHD) monitor when you need it. Thankfully, there’s no need to imagine anymore with MSI's 32" PS321 Series of Monitors showcased by MSI at CES 2020.
Creator PS321
While the 4K PS321UR monitor is perfect for creators who need more screen real estate, the 1440p-165Hz PS321QR monitor is a great solution to test the latest games and enjoy a fluid experience.
The 4K resolution of the PS321UR allows creators to have a larger workspace, enhancing productivity by making multi-tasking much easier. Moreover, you can have multiple applications, assets open at the same time, enhancing your workflow and allowing you to get work done faster.
On the other hand, the PS321QR’s 165 Hz refresh rate is an excellent option for game and VR developers – giving them a brilliant display to design and test their games with high refresh rates to ensure that their audience has a smooth gaming experience.
Both monitors boast a color-accurate IPS panel with 100% sRGB, 99% Adobe RGB, and 95% DCI-P3 coverage, in addition to an HDR600 certification to make color-sensitive work easier and content like games and movies more vibrant.
To make life even easier for creators, the PS321 Series monitors come bundled with MSI's Creator OSD – a novel dashboard that allows professionals to fine-tune color profiles, manage their workspace, and even tweak system functionality to allot more compute power to applications that need it, when they need it!

Optix MEG381CQR

The combination of smarts and brilliant visuals got the 38” MEG381CQR Gaming Monitor much-deserved attention at CES 2020 with a double honor in the Computer Peripherals & Accessories as well as the Smart Home categories! Thanks to integrated-HMI (Human Machine Interface) technology, this monitor can do much more than just display games in all their glory.
Optix MEG381CQR
The MEG381CQR is equipped with a second OLED display that gives gamers access to in-game and general information at a glance. From weather to your health bar in the game, it offers gamers quick access to the information they need. A control dial on the monitor also allows you to change settings and tweak system settings on the fly.
The screen is an ultrawide 21:9 curved display with a crisp resolution of 3840x1600. In addition to its smart features, at its core, the MEG381CQR Gaming Monitor is an excellent monitor with a quality IPS panel – ensuring wide viewing angles and incredible visual quality in one sweet package.

Optix MAG342CQR 1000R

The MAG342CQR is the world’s first Ultrawide 21:9 1000R WQHD Gaming Monitor. It features a 1000R curved display, a curvature that matches the curvature of human vision almost perfectly. To make this curve possible, some innovative engineering was necessary to ensure that the structural integrity of the monitor remained solid – resulting in an extremely robust design and build.
Optix MAG342CQR 1000R
In addition to a comfortable curve, the panel is built for gamers who need the best performance possible. From a 144Hz refresh rate to a 4ms (GTG) response time, this 34” gaming monitor will make a valuable addition to any gaming rig. Not only will your games feel fluid and smooth like never before, but they'll also be displayed in vibrant color with the MAG342CQR Gaming Monitor offering excellent 125% sRGB color coverage – capable of displaying 1.07 billion colors!
The ultra-wide aspect ratio and the 3440x1440 resolution ensure that you have ample screen real estate to multitask as well as enjoy an immersive gaming experience, unlike anything you've experienced before.

Optix MAG161 Series

Carrying around a high-refresh-rate, IPS monitor in something as small as a backpack is a dream. A dream that MSI made a reality by launching the 15.6” Optix MAG161 Portable Monitor – the world's slimmest portable display! The innovation and technology required to this a possibility earned it an Innovation Award honor at CES 2020.
Optix MAG161
The monitor features a whopping 240Hz refresh rate along with FreeSync support and a Full HD resolution. Moreover, it is an IPS panel to ensure excellent viewing angles to give you the flexibility you might need when using a portable display. Two input options, HDMI™ and USB Type-C, will give you support for a variety of devices.
While its 240Hz refresh rate will appeal to gamers who want a quality display to play games on-the-go, content creators and professionals will love its portability that ensures they retain access to a quality monitor to work even when they're away from their workstations.
In addition to being a great monitor, the MAG161 is a complete entertainment unit with two speakers built into the slim form factor for consuming media without giving up on either portability or quality.

See them in Action!

If you want to see these monitors in action, make sure you come by the MSI booth at CES 2020! You can also follow the MSI Gaming Instagram page for sneak-peeks at these products and the events at CES.