Fantastic lights of latest GT83VR, GT73VR and GT62 gaming notebooks!


Posted on February 22 2017

On the latest MSI gaming notebooks with 7th Gen Core i7 platform and GeForce GTX 10 series graphics, MSI insist “Best Meets Best” not only did great achievement on performance wise and new features, but also enhanced their colorful design on the light effects as well.

GT83VR: World’s 1st full RGB color mechanical keyboard gaming notebook
Last August MSI did launch their masterpiece gaming notebook, the GT83VR with Cherry MX switch of mechanical keyboard and dual GTX 1080 graphics of SLi, that makes the GT83VR could play any games from 4K resolution to external 3x 4K display and still very smooth.

Besides of ultimate performance and excellent features, I think the most beautiful angle besides of the notebook shapes on GT83VR is the Cherry MX RGB Silver Speed mechanical keyboard, this time GT83VR make great evolution on the keyboard with multi colors and new switches, every key cap could present whole RGB colors independently, that makes the gamers’ keyboard looks fantastic!

GT83VR keyboard backlit dancing video, see how many preset modes we have in GT83VR by SteelSeries Engine 3?
">Fantastic GT83VR RGB keyboard backlit dynamic video!

If we take a look on GT83VR, GT73VR and GT62VR of the top cover side, you will find out new dragon gaming logo and dual red lines was very bright in the dark.

GT73VR designed with more lights with more features
On the GT73VR series, even the touchpad side could set with different colors, that set up comes with SteelSeries Engine 3 interface, it makes the touchpad easier to recognized and use. And this could set to be different color to match different macro key setup as well.

Besides of the multi backlit keyboard, the power button and feature buttons are all red color when it was enabled, that makes the whole GT73VR looks very fancy when you bring your GT73VR to different place to play games and show off. If you bring the GT73VR to BYOC LAN Party, you will be the focus under spot light.


Enjoy your lights on MSI GT series gaming notebooks


Most of the MSI fans already familiar about MSI key features, knew that MSI gaming notebooks always comes with higher performance and better cooling design, but now you could find out more attractive of the lights effects on MSI GT83VR, GT73VR and GT62VR, that makes the new symbol of MSI Gaming Shield more attractive with latest Corning Gorilla Glass of 8H hard rock solid material!




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