Standing for the gamers, MSI redefines what the real gaming desktop is. MSI gaming desktops are handmade for the gamers. With our G.A.M.E. Unlimited spirit, you can immerse in the game without any obstacle. Worrying about the performance is our job; the only thing you need to focus on is gaming. The road of the game will never stop, neither does our G.A.M.E. Unlimited spirit.

Beginning of this year we introduced a big line-up of all new gaming desktops. We’re the first brand in the world to have such a huge line-up of desktops readied with Intel’s 7th gen chipset (also called Kaby Lake) combined with an NVIDIA 10-series graphics card, and we’re proud of it! But what makes them any better than other desktops?
The one thing we always hear when releasing new desktops or when reading the comments on our desktop’s reviews on news websites is that people wonder if they are better of building a high end PC by themselves. If you build your own desktop, you’re in full control of what’s put inside and how much you spend on each component. Heck, on plenty reseller websites you can simply select each component online and have it assembled by the reseller for you.

Let’s say up front that if you are the kind of person who likes to build a PC completely by yourself, don’t let anyone stop you. We love self builds (that’s why MSI was founded in the first place) and that’s what keeps driving us to make better motherboards and graphics cards each generation. However, MSI Gaming desktops can fit your demand too! Because each of our systems is built with the idea to customize and upgrade your system. So you can always change the system you like.

For all other gamers who want to have a ready to go Gaming Desktop we are proud to show you our way of gaming. What is our way? G.A.M.E. Unlimited.


Getting you the highest FPS with the lowest temperature, gamers always care about the performance. With the latest Intel Kaby Lake processors, the fabulous MSI Gaming graphics cards and the exclusive cooling technology – Silent Storm Cooling, we will make sure you can have the smoothest game experience.


The tools to truly game your way. Every gamer want to become unique. With our customizable RGB LED Mystic Light, it is no doubt that you can build up a unique style that only belongs to you. Besides this, an easy carry handle build into our systems lets you easily take it anywhere to show your Gaming Desktop. Our Gaming Desktops are full of other great Gaming features and software to get you to that next level. Are you ready for being the target of spotlight? Just give it a try.


Hear enemies before you see them, defeat them before they are even aware of you. With our audio hardware features like Audio boost and ESS Hi-Fi audio and software feature Nahimic, you can enjoy sound which is the most real and vivid. Besides, with our special Nahimic sound tracker you can surprisingly find that it is barely impossible to lose.


Engage yourself in a virtual world. With a powerful gaming desktop, gamers want to connect all their gaming hardware. Our Gaming Desktops make sure there are enough connectors to connect your headset, VR device, keyboard, mouse or even your USB space cannon. Speaking about VR, we provide easy connecting your VR device through VR-Link. And of course we provide you a stable network connection with our Killer chips.