Attention the Power of Thin Bezel 15.6” GF63 Slim Gaming Notebook!

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The key theme of MSI gaming notebook in mid of 2018 is “Thin Bezel Gaming”, besides of the top level GS65 cutting edge gaming notebook, MSI also launched brand new design of GF63 at Computex 2018 in MSI booth, the slim type thin bezel gaming notebooks for performance level, 15.4” gaming notebook within a regular 14” notebook body. GF63 is not only the latest design by MSI ID with slimmer and smaller chassis, but also comes with much longer battery life, that’s great improvement on MSI notebook models, because in the previous MSI gaming notebooks they were very powerful and full of features, but the battery life are not good, far from the regular office works notebooks.

The lightest GF63 got thin bezel and slim chassis at this segment

The first impression of GF63 got smaller size; it’s smaller than GS63 and GF62 if you are familiar about these 2 models. Start from thin bezel design, the frame looks really narrow and the display looks frameless when you are in the darker place. The display comes with IPS panel, and the weight of GF63 is around 1.86kg, it’s really light when you consider it comes with Intel® Core i7 8750H and GTX 1050Ti graphics inside. Besides of the CPU and GPU, the GF63 designed with 1 NVMe PCI-E Gen 3 SSD slot and 1x 2.5” HDD slot, so users could have SSD as system storage and up to 2TB of 2.5” HDD for save more data inside. Larger battery size shows why GF63 got over 7+ hours of battery life! If you take a look on the other brands at same level notebooks, the FX504 or FX553 from A brand, these 2 big size 15.6” notebooks are around 2.5kgs, also the size is over 10% larger than GF63, same level of AN515 from another A brand got 2.7kg of weight, so that means at the segment of GF63 is the best choice on smaller size, lighter weight and much longer battery life!
If you take a look on the cooling design, it comes with 2 heatpipes for CPU and 1 heatpipe with big sink for GPU, it’s not as powerful as GP or GE series, but for the performance gaming it’s still enough to handle the heat from CPU and GPUs, and smaller size to fit into GF63.

Still kept high performance as a real gaming notebook

Someone may think that since the GF63 goes to performance level gaming notebook, which might lack of CPU or GPU performance for gamers or streamers. But according to my experience on MSI gaming notebooks design concept, GF63 might still keep good performance. Let’s take a look on 3D Mark 11, with GTX 1050Ti Max-Q graphics, the default GPU clock got P8700 score, but if set with Turbo Mode to Overclocked the GPU Core/VRAM over 200MHz, GF63 could have P9100+ score, that’s become closer to regular GTX 1050Ti graphics.
As a performance gaming platform, we run the SUPERPOSITION Benchmark that for DX12 gaming tests, the Preset with 1080P Medium, GF63 got 5382 score, it’s good enough to play top level games to set at Medium to High preset at Full HD resolutions with more than 30fps for gaming.

More usage on CPU with High Performance

Since the Core i7 8750H got higher performance than i7 7700HQ, which means GF63 could get higher performance on CPU tests compared to Core i7 7700HQ notebooks. Let’s take a look on the CPU related tests. CineBench R15 is the PC industry standard to test multi-Cores of CPU performance, the OpenGL score is 105.21fps, it’s same performance level as the GE63 models with Core i7 8750H CPU. The multi-Cores CPU got 1004cb, it’s a bit less than GE63 but still keep at good performance level, this showed the proof of the CPU really at good performance with this cooling design.
When the test comes to Full HD video transcoding, it’s also very useful for the gamers and streamers who likes to create their own videos from gaming or life video, the X264 FHD Benchmark is a good standard for users. The Core i7 8750H got 37.7fps, it’s even faster than my previous test on GS65 and GE63. The Core i7 7700HQ got 25fps. So GF63 still a very faster video transcoding platform for gamers and multimedia users. So you could see that GF63 might suitable for performance gaming, but also good for heavy loading CPU usage indeed.
Take a look on the GF63 with Core i7 8750H on the winning % compared to Core i7 7700HQ, you could check below table to see the performance difference. Maybe it’s not a very powerful gaming notebook with higher graphics, but the CPU really got great improvement than Core i7 7700HQ and 8th Gen U series i7 CPUs.

Great control on temperature with lower noise

The GF63 comes with smaller size and larger value design, lighter and slimmer with longer battery life. When we take a look on the CPU and GPU burn-in test, the CPU kept under 79°C and core clock still over 2.2~2.5GHz, that’s good enough for this level of the gaming notebooks. Besides of that, the fan noise also less than 10%+ lower than other brand of the i7+ GTX1050Ti level of all gaming notebooks. Another important advantage is battery life, within this slim chassis, GF63 applied over 7 hours of battery life with FHD video playback or internet surface experience.
Check out the burn-In tests status, CPU with Prime95 and GPU with MSI Kombustor 3.x. And the GF63 got much lower temperature than FX504 and GL503 in the market from media review result, even the fan noise of GF63 is about 6~10% lower than these 2 models. You could see that both of those A brand models up to 58°C, that’s crazy temperature for user to touch, so that means either they will throttle the clock to be lower or they will overheat easily!!

The best performance level gaming with 7+ hours of battery life

The GF63 comes with very foundation of but great value design, smaller and slimmer with only 1.86kg, High performance on CPU and good performance on GPU, good for regular online gamers and nice for streamers or content creators. As the more affordable price range and over 7+ hours battery life, I really recommend this GF63 for guys who play casual online games and works for longer battery life out of office!
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